“Automation” vs “All-in-One”

Avatar Act-On

Over this past year, we have met many prospects that are scared off by the very term “marketing automation”. They have visions of implementing an SAP-like system for marketing and their typical reaction is “We are not ready for THAT!”

We have also run into many, many companies that have signed up for marketing automation systems costing thousands of dollars per month — and are just using them to sending e-mail!

What is doubly wasteful about this is that marketing automation vendors (with one notable exception 😉 ) are just not that savvy about e-mail, especially when compared to  e-mail marketing companies like Responsys.

For us, the “marketing automation” world view is much too narrow. Instead, our “All-in-One Marketing Platform” approach (which includes  an e-mail marketing capability that is second to none) is proving to be appealing to a very wide range of companies:

  • Our customers get everything they need and they feel like they are getting a great deal. Just take a look at the testimonials here and here.
  • We do not force fit our customers into our automation framework. Instead, we fit into (and help automate) the ways in which they already work.

Little wonder then that we had a fantastic 2009!