Become a Marketing Automation Expert with Act-On University

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We have big news, you guys. Are you ready for it?

Act-On is so excited to announce the relaunch of Act-On University, a new online learning experience that breaks down the barriers to achieving marketing automation success.

What does that really mean?

It means that we’ll now be providing our customers with individualized course curriculums designed to meet the needs of each individual user based on their marketing role, personal goals, and learning style – all delivered through live and interactive workshops and courses.

Why’d we do it?

We know that fast-growing organizations can face a steep learning curve when it comes to successful adoption of marketing automation (MA). Marketing automation is an incredible tool for any organization, but in the past, onboarding and implementing MA has been tedious, time-consuming, and sometimes downright unsuccessful. As an organization, we’ve realized that it’s often the high costs and inaccessibility of training that stands in the way of marketers being successful with their MA investment.

That’s why we’re eliminating these barriers by offering free and unlimited access to an extensive curriculum of 40+ courses to support customers at all stages of deployment, at all skill levels, and tailored to specific brand, demand, and expand marketing roles. You heard that right, over 40 courses just for marketers!

Why Act-On University?

How did we get here? When we first started looking at opportunities to enhance our training and onboarding we knew that we wanted to find a way to allow our customers to have easy access to Act-On experts and also have the capability to collaborate and learn from each other. Ultimately, we wanted to find a way to help our customers, and ourselves for that matter, to continuously get better at what we do. From brand marketing, to demand generation, to customer expansion and retention, we wanted to help our customers to avoid stagnation, and always have access to tools and resources that will help them improve as marketers.

As an organization, our goal is to empower all of our customers to explore, learn, and apply the latest Act-On features, strategies, and best practices to further their career development. We believe that our new Act-On University is truly an effective way for our customers to develop their skills and build relationships with other marketers around the world, at no additional cost.

We think it’s pretty cool, but don’t take our word for it. Hear what our customer, Stan Schultz, Global Creative and MarTech Advisor at Palram Americas, has to say about the new Act-On University:

“Not only will Act-On U help us onboard new users much more easily, it will really help our marketing organization connect to a broader community of Act-On experts and other users. I appreciate how Act-On is rethinking the way they deliver value to their customers that goes beyond features and functions.”

Another customer, Randy Lasnick, marketing manager at Execreps said:

“Kudos to Act-On for the new University! It not only looks great but I was able to find answers to my questions a whole lot faster.”

A Whole New U.

What marketers like Randy are really loving about Act-On U is that they can choose to learn the way they want – self-paced by watching recordings or reviewing articles in our brand spanking new knowledge base, collaboratively by streaming in live broadcasts, take courses multiple times within their designated learning path, or select courses a la carte across different paths if they desire. They can even go so far as to get certified as an Act-On Brand, Demand or Expand marketer if they really want to impress their boss and peers.

Act-On University is also an entirely new experience in online learning delivery. Using a  broadcast via a live studio environment to facilitate interactivity and engagement – it’s ‘talk video’ for marketers. As marketer skillsets grow and they’re able to adopt new Act-On platform capabilities, organizations will increase the value of their marketing automation investment. The better you know how to use the platform, the more value you’ll see – it’s that simple.

That’s not all, folks!

Launching the new Act-On University is just the first phase of a three-pillared customer success engagement initiative. Over the coming months we’ll be focused on bringing together education, a new online community, and in-person events – like our i ???? Marketing, an Adaptive Journey’s Roadshow – that drive personalized and collaborative marketer engagement, development, and innovation. Stay tuned to hear about the next two phases coming soon!

Love the new Act-On University, but still need more?

We’ve got your back. For organizations interested in specialized learning options, the Act-On University also offers fee-based, intensive in-person boot camps focused on new user training and marketing automation strategy. To learn more about Act-On University courses and certification or to schedule private training for your team, visit here.