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7 Tips for Building Successful Marketing Alliances

Aligning effectively with other departments enables marketing to address today’s business realities and have a positive influence across the company. Here are 7 tips for building successful marketing alliances.

B2B Public Relations Best Practices to Drive Success

Your B2B Public Relations strategy needs improvement. Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities out there to build your brand? Are you ready for when a reporter or industry influencer reaches out for a quote or interview request? This Rethink Marketing episode transcript covers all of that and more.

Evolving MarTech 2.0: The Adaptive Marketing Platform

Technology continues to evolve and so should your marketing technology stack. An adaptive marketing platform allows you to combine the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning with the tools you already are using to have great conversations with your sales prospects.

Why Your B2B Business Is Failing

In this Rethink Marketing Podcast interview, Michael Eckhardt from the Chasm Institute talks about the 7 deadly sins that may prevent your company from crossing the chasm.

How Chatbots Will Transform B2B Marketing in 2018

A billion people use Facebook Messenger every day. Consider reaching them with your B2B marketing chatbot. Larry Kim explains how marketers can sidestep the recent Facebook news feed changes with chatbots and other growth hacks.

3 Ways CMOs Can Prepare Against Data Breaches

Marketers can help prepare against data breaches, so long as they have the right operational plans in place to manage them. A plan that’s done well, in fact, can even be its own marketing opportunity. Here are three ways marketers can harness their data preparedness.