Connecting the Dots Between Email and Other Channels

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Email marketing is a cost effective, creative tool for marketers to use for lead generation, but email isn’t the only way prospects are interacting with marketers today. The same person who gets your marketing emails might also follow your brand on Twitter or visit your website. So how do you know that the “Sarah in Seattle” who follows you on Twitter is the same “Sarah” (in Seattle) who’s on your “good prospects” email list?

The ability to engage across multiple channels, track your results, and see an integrated picture of all the actions a prospect takes, is a key differentiator between marketing automation and stand-alone marketing tools. Marketing automation not only helps facilitate your email marketing campaigns, web, and social media channels – it connects the dots between them.

Connecting the Dots with Marketing Automation

Three key ways that marketers use marketing automation to connect the dots between multiple channels and actions:

  1. Integrate inbound and outbound marketing efforts. You can coordinate outbound marketing, like advertising and email blasts, with inbound marketing, like landing pages and social media, for consistent, integrated, targeted messaging.
  2. Measure the behavior of key prospects across all channels. Follow a prospect’s digital footprints across email, websites, webinars, social media and more, to see just what they’re interested in. Gauge that interest with scoring practices, and you’ll know exactly which prospects are ready for sales.
  3. Optimize budgets and messaging based on a holistic view. Maximize your marketing dollars by testing to find what works best, so you can focus your budget on email campaigns that deliver and online ads that convert.

With the dots connected by marketing automation, Sarah in Seattle is no long a mystery. Now you know what she cares about, which makes her a prospect you know how to target, using the right message and the right channels. With a little bit of lead nurturing, she might even end up being your best customer.

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