Content Marketing: What Would Cisco Do?

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drawing of content marketing implementationHaving trouble getting your company behind a content marketing strategy? With $46B in revenue in 2012 and over 70,000 employees spread around the world, Cisco is a giant. Imagine for just a moment how difficult it might be to spearhead a content initiative inside such a behemoth company. Heather Meza, Head of Digital Media Solutions for Cisco Services Marketing, has actually accomplished the task, and on August 21, at 11 am Pacific, she’ll share how she did it in the webinar “Marketing Transformed & Reborn.”

Two years ago, Heather went on maternity leave. She began reading up on content strategy and content marketing, and it all resonated with what she already knew and had been thinking about before her leave. In 2000 she’d worked on a print publication dedicated to original content about broadband for service providers, and as she remarked in an interview, “A lot of this reading on content strategy took me back to my publication days.”

Heather’s marketing mantra is to “help, not sell.” She says, “The philosophy behind content marketing goes to my core. It’s simple, it’s common sense and it has the power to change the problems we face as creators and consumers of content. In my humble opinion, it’s the most transformative catalyst to date for marketing.”

As a new mom, work suddenly had a higher bar: If she couldn’t be with her child, then what she was doing at work needed to be rewarding in a whole new way. It needed to be meaningful. She returned to Cisco to find big changes underway, and her new boss was receptive to her big idea: customer-driven content.

Heather’s “Powerball” concept is a major factor in the success of her initiative. Put simply:

Understand what your choices are and make the most of them: If you have the power to control or change something—just do it! If you can’t do it yourself, then work to influence those who DO have the power. If you can’t control it yourself and you can’t influence, FORGET it and move on.

Heather Meza's Powerball

Heather’s presentation will focus on nine steps that outline not what Cisco did – but how they did it. You can apply these in any size organization:

  1. Be passionate, take risks
  2. Get your first followers
  3. Plan as a team
  4. Start with one small thing
  5. Make your story tell-able
  6. Pause and reflect
  7. Drive the change
  8. Make it happen
  9. Nurture the change

All of this drives results: Heather Meza and her team now leverage content marketing to drive digital engagement that nurtures audience members along their journey to becoming a quality lead. Join Heather as she shares the reality of making the shift to content marketing and what it really takes to ignite change and inspire.

Marketing Transformed & Reborn
Wednesday, August 21st
11:00AM PT | 1:00PM CT | 2:00PM ET

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