How to Fail With Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation

Train WreckThe single most common cause of marketing automation failure is a lack of attention to detail and process in the marketing organization.

There, that was easy.

But avoiding failure – that’s not so easy. It takes a lot of planning and a little work, but the rewards are long-lasting and very sweet.

Begin with acquisition. Work with your sales department to determine and agree on your specific business processes and goals before you evaluate and select a system. Not doing so typically results in underuse rendering your new platform little more than an email system.

Examine the way your marketing funnel functions, and how prospects and marketing activities translate into revenue. Ask the hard questions; the answers will make it easier to apply marketing automation constructively and measure success.

  • What are your most productive lead generation tactics?
  • How do you promote your products, services, and company?
  • How do you qualify leads?
  • Do you know your buyers well enough to assign lead scores to attributes and actions?
  • How are you doing lead nurturing today?
  • How does marketing hand leads off to sales?
  • What does sales do with leads that don’t close?
  • How do you measure conversion ratios?

Marketing automation lets you do things too arduous to do manually (like lead scoring) and automates other processes. If the processes you have in place now don’t work very well, automating them is highly unlikely to make them better (unless labor is the only issue); you’ll just get to train-wreck status more quickly.

Getting off to a good start with marketing automation sets the stage for long-term success. Get a little help in the white paper: “Four Ways To Get Marketing Automation Right the First Time,” new from Act-On.

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