With Act-On as Its Backbone, Fast-Growing Flycast Exceeds Its Sales Goals by 10x

Flycast Partners provides IT Service Management consulting and implementation services to organizations across North America. Flycast ensures that its clients remain ahead of the curve on technology adoption while maintaining the rock-solid principles of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) in practical, focused projects.
Bill Doucette

Principal At Flycast


Finding an Agile Solution

With its focused sales team using the Act-On platform for the past year, fast-growing Flycast has equaled or exceeded the sales of larger resellers, rocketing to excellence in a mere 12 months.

The company has exceeded its sales goals by 10 fold. Flycast knew from its inception that it would need a lead generation solution, so it initially adopted a complex system used by many successful large-enterprise companies. That, as it turned out, was a mistake.

That’s when they discovered Act-On, a feature-rich lead generation solution that was so easy to use, the company had it up and running within hours. “Right away, our sales staff was gaining traction and closing deals,” said Doucette. “It takes other resellers a couple of weeks using an enterprise solution to turn out what we can do in a couple of hours with Act-On.”

We’ve built our success on Act-On. It has shortened the sales cycle, eliminated time wasted in cold calls, and allowed us to reach prospects while interest is high. We can also tailor our message to products in which we know they’re interested.

Bill Doucette

Principal At Flycast

Easy Use/Easy View Templates

Because Act-On provides a variety of standard templates, HTML programming experience is not needed in order to build an email. Users just select an appropriate template, fill in the information, and send it to their audiences.

Since up to three-fourths of its intended audience use smartphones to read their email, Doucette says Flycast is especially pleased with the email designs that make Flycast’s email look fantastic on both mobile devices and desktops.

Act-On reporting also provides crucial data about how viewers are reading messages, giving Flycast reps the tools to better understand their audience.

No More Cold Calls, Shortening Sales

Cold calling is a thing of the past at Flycast. Instead, reps follow up with people who visited the Flycast website and took some kind of action. Having access to the lead’s unique contact histories allows the reps to tailor their messages to the prospective buyer.

Through Act-On, reps can see what the visitor looked at and downloaded. “If a prospect downloads a product brochure or a whitepaper, we can see that action. It gives us a nice landing spot for sales calls,” said Doucette. “Our reps know they are contacting warm prospects.”

Doucette points out that it takes 90 days to generate a pipeline from cold calling. Now that the company uses Act-On, reps can go directly to leads that have identified a project, have funding for the project and have the motivation to get started quickly. The result is that the sales cycle is significantly shortened.

Features, Functionality, Ease of Use, One Package

Flycast is currently taking advantage of Act-On’s email marketing, lead management, landing pages, reports and seamless WebEx integration functionality. Plans are underway to leverage the tool’s social marketing and drip marketing capabilities as well. “This is a good example of Act-On being a feature-rich solution that we won’t outgrow,” said Doucette.

We needed a lead generation system that didn’t require a dedicated, full-time employee to run it. However, we weren’t willing to give up the functionality and the features available through the big enterprise product.

Bill Doucette

Principal At Flycast


It’s simple to use with a very flat learning curve, but full of functionality. We love it that you don’t have to be certified to use this tool.

Bill Doucette

Principal At Flycast