"Overall Act-On has all the main functionality you need to manage a successful campaign. At the same time, it could be easily used by everyone in the company."

Fabio Bacchilega
Global Senior Digital Marketing Automation Manager, Bruker Biospin

"Act-On is a good mix between functionality and useability, which makes it perfect for a company that doesn’t have enough resources for dedicated marketing automation but doesn’t want to lose in terms of functionality."

Fabio Bacchilega
Global Senior Digital Marketing Automation Manager, Bruker Biospin

"The Act-on Integration with our Salesforce CRM easily transfers data from Salesforce to Act-On. We then send communications to specific targets of customers and prospects."

Fabio Bacchilega
Global Senior Digital Marketing Automation Manager, Bruker Biospin

"The main difference between Pardot or Marketo and Act-On is that Act-On is a lot easier to use."

Fabio Bacchilega
Global Senior Digital Marketing Automation Manager, Bruker Biospin

About Bruker Biospin

Bruker is one of the world’s leading analytical instrumentation companies that helps scientists make breakthrough discoveries. Their high-performance scientific instruments enable scientists to explore life and materials at molecular, cellular, and microscopic levels. With the caliber of work they do, they need a digital marketing company that can keep up with their state-of-the-art technologies.

An Easy &
Elegant Solution

Fabio Bacchilega oversees all of the communication between Bruker Biospin’s clients and prospects, including segmenting databases and analyzing reports on customer engagement. He manages seven newsletters, one for each market they operate in: academia, clinical research, preclinical imaging research, pharma industry, food industry, forensics, and “other” industry.

Time is precious for Fabio, especially since his work facilitates discoveries that improve the quality of life. In his 10-year marketing career, Fabio has used other marketing software that he’s had to train other people on.

With Act-On, Fabio says: “The process to create and send an email is really simple and straightforward – usually, I need to assist a new user only during the first campaign.” Simplifying and speeding up onboarding on new software has been valuable. Fabio says switching to Act-On has helped him reduce his workload and there’s no longer an urgency in getting new users up to speed.

The Power of Segmenting using Salesforce Integration

Act-On’s native integration with Salesforce allows Fabio to personalize content so customers only receive relevant communication that they’re likely to engage with. “First, we segment by market using demographic data,” says Fabio. “After we collect feedback on the interest of our customer, we use behavioral data and information from Salesforce for targeted communication.”

This use of dynamic content in their newsletters has transformed Bruker Biospin’s customer engagement. Prior to this, their customers would receive non-personalized communication that would go to everyone, making it difficult for interested parties to find the content they were interested in.

This is particularly important in reaching highly specialized segments in the sciences: “In the academic segment,” explains Fabio, “we may have researchers who study HIV treatments, and researchers who analyze chemical reactions. Using personalization helps us send them only content that is relevant to them, and that in turn increases the attention and engagement they give to our newsletter and allows us to get in contact with them.”

…Then Segment Some More!

It’s easy to create “buckets” of categories and forget about them. For a global company like Bruker, they don’t distinguish between communications sent to countries within Europe or North America. However, in Asia, there’s a big difference with how communications are adapted for certain cultures.

Bruker Biospin makes sure to translate all communications to the local language in China and Japan. Then they adapt the campaigns to cultural norms: In Japan, the email channel is seen as really invasive, so Bruker Biospin sends less communication and no promotion.

Emails are limited to new articles and application notes, plus event and webinar invitations. In China, the Bruker Biospin team removes any content that the Chinese audience can’t access, such as Youtube videos.

Doing More With Less

Everyone’s understaffed these days, so the name of the game is to automate whatever you can! “Automation and dynamic content help a lot in reducing the workflow,” attests Fabio.

“We have designed a couple of workflows specific for every need (such as event promotion, webinar follow up, etc.) and we can simply copy-and-paste them and adapt with a few changes.”

With the ease of using Act-On, Fabio gets help from “non-expert” users when running his campaigns, which allows him to manage more newsletters. Bruker Biospin also uses Act-On before and after an event to collect and disseminate useful information to the attendees, as well as to send a post-event survey that kicks off the lead generation process.

Changing the World, One Newsletter at a Time

Bruker’s important work in the sciences continues to grow and evolve, with reach in over 90 locations on all continents. It’s crucial for them to closely manage their communications with their customers and prospects. With Act-On’s help, their messaging is reaching the right audience at the right time, with little effort.