Jefferson Awards Foundation

The Jefferson Awards Foundation (JAF) is the country’s longest standing and most prestigious organization dedicated to activating and celebrating public service.

Through its programs, JAF trains and empowers individuals to serve and lead in their communities, amplifying their impact through the organization’s vast network of media partners, mentors and volunteers.

Overseeing a range of youth-oriented programs intended to cull and empower the leaders of tomorrow, the foundation also hosts an annual gala, which celebrates national celebrities and local, unsung heroes who serve their communities.

Thanks to Act-On, JAF has a regimented approach for communicating with its stakeholders & personalizing communication with students, donors, etc.




The foundation utilized a variety of independent marketing and communication systems to interact with more than 35,000 contacts – sending thousands of messages daily, with constituents, donors, network and media partners, event attendees and sponsors – but had limited analytics results. 

A platform was needed that could sustain this scale of outreach while still providing real-time data on campaign and channel performance.


This enabled the organization to continue strategically engaging and nurturing key stakeholders, and continue building more consistent relationships in the long term.

Act-On also played a significant role in JAF’s communications strategy for its annual gala by using the system to mange the invite, registration, and follow-up processes.

As a result, Act-On has helped the Foundation increase awareness across its 40 different groups of stakeholders – on key initiatives including service activation and recognition, sponsorships, and programs.

Act-On’s Automated Programs feature has further helped the foundation develop a workflow to re-engage participants of its Lead360, Students-in-Action, and GlobeChangers programs, supporting student progress, ensuring the completion of activities, and encouraging stewardship.

By making Act-On the cornerstone of its outreach efforts, the foundation has become a data-driven organization – shaping responses and messages according to engagement and demographic information.

Using intelligence Act-On gathered, the Foundation succeeded in tailoring its outreach based on specific behaviors and actions, across a base of more than 35,000 contacts.



This has enabled JAF to directly attribute the adoption of marketing automation to help drive stewardship and brand awareness.