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Joyride experiences a 200% increase in leads in one month with Act-On.

Industry: Business Services/Beverage Industry
  • Experienced 200% increase in leads during first month of implementing a unique sales qualification matrix
  • Able to develop a unique scoring system to better evaluate leads
  • Improved ability to scale marketing efforts

The Challenge

Joyride is a beverage manufacturer and distributor dedicated to creating a healthier and more sustainable world with revolutionary beverages. Selling to both the office and wholesale markets in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Boston, Joyride distributes roasted-to-order hot coffee and kombucha, and produces and distributes a large variety of cold brew coffees and teas.

Joyride stands out in the market thanks to its triple bottom line approach. On top of delivering quality beverage products to customers, Joyride’s marketing director, Kat Krieger notes that the company is dedicated to being a pioneer within the industry by being the only bottleless beverage manufacturer and distributor. “Sustainability is something we feel really passionate about and strive to put into all of our initiatives, which definitely makes us very unique.”

Katherine, with the help of a part-time intern, is responsible for developing and implementing Joyride’s content and marketing strategy and overall brand aesthetic. On top of all of that, Kat is charged with finding solutions that will help transform the company’s marketing efforts.

Kat’s dedication to finding tools that can elevate Joyride’s marketing game is what drove her to embark on the search for the right combination of CRM and marketing automation. She knew that this pairing would serve as a foundation that would enable Joyride to both strengthen and scale its marketing efforts.

The Solution

When Kat came on board in late 2017, she noted that Joyride had a very strong ERP, but the company lacked a CRM, and its email marketing was practically nonexistent, despite having a MailChimp account. She knew there was a solution out there that could help Joyride improve its marketing and get better results.

Despite being a long-time Act-On user and having deep knowledge of the platform, Kat wanted to ensure she and her team picked a vendor that would be the best fit for Joyride. Therefore, in addition to Act-On, Katherine and Joyride’s CEO considered tools such as HubSpot. “I wanted to be really fair and not just come in and say this is what I’m bringing in. I really wanted to go back out into the market and see what solutions had changed,” she says.

“Everything has been trending towards the positive since we implemented Act-On, and I’m really excited to see how it will all shake out.”


Marketing Director

After evaluating various platforms, Joyride picked Act-On due to its ability to grow with the needs of the company as it continues to expand. “I think ultimately we wanted, and I wanted something that I knew was going to scale with us. That was the most important factor, with cost being balanced out by the sales I knew I would be able to help bring in by using Act-On,” says Kat.

“Even if I get pulled into some major project for months at a time, I know there is relevant content that’s going out, which is really, really helpful for a small team.”


Marketing Director

The Result

Thanks to Act-On’s ease-of-use and fast implementation, Joyride was able to be up and running in just a few days. Since then, Joyride has been using Act-On to track website activity and identify prospects. Joyride has also been building forms within the platform for new contacts and customer onboarding. And Joyride is able to seamlessly feed the information collected through these forms to its sales team because of Act-On’s integration with Salesforce.

Act-On’s marketing automation has also allowed Kat to think ahead and be more proactive. Kat has been using Act-On’s advanced social media module to schedule social media for the company well in advance. “Even if I get pulled into some major project for months at a time, I know there is relevant content that’s going out, which is really, really helpful for a small team.”

In addition, Act-On’s capabilities were just what Kat needed to bring her unique sales qualification score to life. In addition to traditional lead scoring, Joyride’s system uses an inbound form with 45 different criteria to determine whether a lead is their ideal customer and notifies sales when it’s time to act. Kat’s form is so sophisticated that it only takes leads a few minutes to complete depending on their needs.

Joyride’s sales qualification score has led to improved marketing and sales alignment, enabling Kat to better inform the sales team about what opportunities are worth pursuing. “Our sales leads know how quickly they should act on the opportunity or the lead, and whether it’s really a fit for us, almost without even looking at the answers.”

And this system is definitely proving successful for Joyride. In fact, Joyride’s new efforts with Act-On have led to incredible results, including a rise in the amount of leads. “The first month of using the system, our leads were up over 200%,” says Kat.

Kat attributes this increase to going from having no system at all to having access to a variety of features within the Act-On platform. Although she does not expect the same monthly increase moving forward, she is excited for Joyride to continue to see results. “Everything has very much been trending towards the positive since we implemented Act-On, and I’m really excited to see how it’s all going to shake out.”

About Joyride

Joyride delivers cold brew coffee kegs and specialty office coffee in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County,  San Diego and Boston. The company’s Craft on Draft platform includes cold brew on tap, NOLA cold brew on tap, kombucha on tap, iced tea on tap and more!