49% increase in monthly lead flow; 68% decrease in cost per lead

“We were productive in one week…”

Response Mail Express, known as RME, is a comprehensive direct marketing solutions company based in Tampa, Florida. For the past 16 years, RME has specialized in driving consumer response by leveraging turnkey in-house capabilities to put data in action for lead generation campaigns, provide best-in-class marketing services, and develop social event marketing programs. RME works with a variety of regional and national clients in the areas of consumer packaged goods, entertainment, financial services, franchising, health care, mortgage, nonprofit, and retail.

Response Mail Express was founded in 1995 to offer direct marketing programs with a singular focus: “Response Means Everything.” This principle is a key driving factor for RME’s growth and success.

Jonathan Cordeau, Director of Marketing, is responsible for generating quality leads for a team of 26 product marketers. Jonathan talked about why his firm chose Act-On, and what results he’s gotten. “We are a marketing machine here at RME. Each month, we communicate with over 250,000 prospects and clients. That means we have an enormous volume of tasks associated with developing online and offline lead generation campaigns, and therefore it’s critical to manage allthe moving parts of these campaign, amongst multiple marketing vehicles. We also needed a way to determine lead quality and manage follow-up.”

Industry: Agency / Business Services
Customer Since: 2011
About RME
Founded in 1995, RME offers a complete suite of solutions dedicated to driving response, and in-house production capabilities.


  • 49% increase in monthly lead flow
  • 68% decrease in cost-per-lead


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Act-On Delivered More Leads At Lower Cost

“We needed to ensure efficiency with our efforts, gain clarity about our prospects – and achieve this with a small staff. Act-On has delivered these benefits to our organization and more; with Act-On, we’ve realized a 49% increase in monthly lead flow and a 68% decrease in cost per lead, without having to add staff,” said Jonathan.

More Effective Lead Generation

“Since implementing Act-On, we’ve been able to expand our marketing universe, through more efficient use of our marketing partnerships,” Jonathan said.

“The ability to quickly create and replicate landing pages and forms has allowed us to deploy coordinated campaigns across multiple mediums and vendor partners. Act-On has also played a big part in launching an entirely new Google Adwords program; the first we’ve ever deployed, which is generating multiple quality inbound leads a day.”

“We’ve also been able to better engage prospects through segmentation and remarketing. This increased engagement fosters interaction between prospects and our sales team, and decreases the time to close,” added Jonathan.

“We currently send over a quarter-million emails each month through third-party email vendors and trade publication broadcasts. Act-On allows us to engage prospects in real time, immediately upon response to a campaign. We create follow-up campaigns and trigger events that are relevant to the actions and interests of the respondents.”

Get Real-Time Intelligence and Leads from the Website

“A marketing staff member checks visitor tracking twice a day and distributes leads and intelligence to our product marketing team continuously. We have automated alerts set up to notify team members when relevant search terms are used, or specific website content is visited. This provides the marketing department with real-time data to make adjustments as needed, and enables direct lead flow to our product marketing team. This never would have been possible without Act-On,” said Jonathan.

Lead Scoring and List Segmentation

“Database management is critical to the success of any direct marketing initiative. As a direct marketing company, we are as adept as anyone at managing our database,” said Jonathan. “That said, Act-On has increased our ability to better understand our prospects and customers, through lead scoring and list segmentation. All too often, databases are housed and maintained outside of the view of a sales team. Act-On’s integration with Salesforce allows us to take an inclusive approach to how we manage and share our customer and prospect datawith our sales team.”

“We also just made the switch to WebEx, since we intend to use Act-On to help us track our events and webinars. WebEx has direct integration with Act-On, so we made the move.”

Quick, Cost-Effective Implementation

“We launched our first campaign prior to even completing our first official training, and we were productive in one week,” said Jonathan. “We needed about 20 minutes of IT’s time; they handled the DNS and key changes. That was it. The marketing department has reduced its dependency on other departments significantly.”

Choosing a Vendor That Will Be a True Partner

RME evaluated Marketo and Eloqua in addition to Act-On. The considerations included cost, functionality, degree of staff engagement necessary, customer reviews, and applicability to RME’s business marketing model.

“It was clear that Act-On provided all of the robust functionality we needed – without the additional costs of other providers,” said Jonathan. “As it’s turned out, Act-On has not only been a great tool for our marketing efforts, but as a company they have partnered with us to understand our business and help us market ourselves better.”