UP! Your Service

UP! Your Service Grows Newsletter Program 1567%; Website Traffic Up 30%.

UP! Your Service enables organizations to quickly upgrade service performance and secure a sustainable advantage by building an uplifting service culture.

The UP! Your Service methodology aligns, integrates, and accelerates your activity in three essential areas: Service Leadership, Service Education, and The 12 Building Blocks of Service Culture. This proven approach leads to an action- oriented culture empowering everyone to delight customers and colleagues with consistently uplifting service.

With offices in Singapore and the USA, UP! Your Service works with a diverse clientele of businesses, associations and government agencies throughout the world, including such organizations as Parkway Health, Dubai Municipality, and Microsoft.

Industry: Technology
Customer Since: 2010
About Up! Your Services
UP! Your Service enables organizations to quickly upgrade service performance and secure a sustainable advantage by building an uplifting service culture.


  • 1567% increase in newsletter program growth.
  • 30% increase in website traffic.


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UP! Your Service does no push marketing; no list buying, no ads, no event marketing; the company’s marketing strategy is based on creating pull in their chosen markets. Up! Your Service decided to implement technology to support that specific strategy. The company wanted:

  • A higher-performance email marketing service than the one it already had, and better contact management options
  • Integrated web capabilities such as forms, landing pages, and drip programs
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Real-time alerts from form submissions

Up! Your Service turned to Act-On for an integrated, automated marketing platform.

Shyam Kumar, Client Engagement Manager for UP! Your Service, says Act-On has taken his company to the next level.

Easy Email Campaigns

“In the year before we began using Act-On, we sent three newsletters. Now we send one a week. It’s easy; I can set up and send a targeted newsletter in about ten minutes. I can track results by campaign and by segment, so I know what works and what doesn’t.”

"Making the simple complicated is commonplace in all software design. Making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's the creativity at Act-On.”
Shyam Kumar
Client Engagement Manager
UP! Your Service

Generate Leads from the Website

“Our ‘Contact Us’ website form just wasn’t enough. Using Act-On, we easily create and manage landing pages and forms. We know who visits our website, and because Act-On integrates all our marketing tools, we can score behavior across all channels. We get a total picture of our sales funnel, and leads we wouldn’t have gotten before. Our sales team begins the day with the Act-On website visitors report; it’s one of our biggest sources for qualified leads.”

Close More Sales

“For us, a ‘qualified lead’ has gone through the information request hoops, reads our company newsletter, and has visited more than five specific website pages. Because Act-On tracks everything, we know immediately when a prospect reaches that benchmark. This all happens automatically, in real time, which means we can respond at the exact right moment.”

Align Sales and Marketing

“We have three Act-On seats, two for marketing and one for sales. Sales and marketing structured the lead scoring system together, collaborating to determine how we’d value various behaviors. It was very easy, but the scoring system is extremely robust and flexible. We can add factors on the fly and get as granular as we need to.”

Take Care of Existing Clients

“We use Act-On to nurture existing client relationships as well as prospects. We segment our clients into three main groups: B2E (decision makers in large organizations), B2S (decision makers in small organizations), and B2I (service enthusiasts). Depending on the group, we send relevant articles and white papers. With Act-On we can look at our clients’ unique, individual profiles and see their history, including everything we’ve sent to them and how they responded. It works so well that I’m planning to use it to implement learning transfer and sustainability programs.”

Manage Multiple Channels Easily

“One of the things we absolutely required was a clean and simple interface that would allow us to manage multiple types of programs with ease. Act-On delivers. It’s really designed to be simple; you don’t need to know HTML, and categories and instructions are in clear, plain English. It’s very supportive, very service-oriented.”

Act-On’s Customer Success Team

“The other BIG positive about working with Act-On is working with the Customer Success team. Our standards and expectations for service are very high – we help companies build outstanding service cultures. And Act-On delivers great service!”


“Since we adopted our Act-On platform, our unique website visits are growing at 30 percent, and the time visitors spend on our site has increased by 25 percent,” said Shyam.

“We cultivate an open community for committed service leaders, managers, and frontline providers, and this important community has grown by 5 percent. We are delighted.”