Citrix GoToWebinar Integration


Studies have shown that people will retain only 10% of what they read but up to 50% of what they see and hear. Events and webinars give marketers a valuable tool for establishing thought leadership, demonstrating product benefits, teaching best practices, and qualifying a prospect’s readiness to buy

  • Integration seamlessly with Citrix GoToWebinar
  • Gain comprehensive webinar management from pre- and post-event communications, to tracking responses and building reports.
  • Create end-to-end invitations and reminders for your webinars and events.

Our Unique GoToWebinar Integration

Citrix GoToWebinar makes it possible for anyone to host a professional webinar in the comfort of their own office, with the capability to reach large groups online. Act-On rounds out the offering with comprehensive pre-and postevent marketing and promotional programs for webinars.

Act-On achieves this with a deep back-end integration with the Citrix GoToWebinar platform. The resulting combination is an end-to-end webinar management solution that fits effortlessly into your larger online marketing context.

With Act-On, you can plan your webinar sessions, create a schedule, develop promotional, confirmation, and follow-up emails, and then sit back. Act-On takes over from there by communicating with GoToWebinar, scheduling messages, tracking responses, building reports, and keeping your program running smoothly.

If you plan to promote your webinar through multiple channels, you can generate separate trackable links for each channel. The views and submissions driven from each of these traffic sources can then be tracked.


Once an Act-On event is created for your webinar, the system automatically syncs with GoToWebinar regularly to ensure that both applications stay aligned. You can also synch manually. Registrations collected by Act-On are sent to GoToWebinar immediately.

Act-On automatically pushes registration data to Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and SalesLogix. Salesforce users can also map registrations to campaigns.


Use Act-On to create registration forms for your events, and create and schedule email confirmations and reminders. If you charge a fee, enable the form’s built-in ecommerce capabilities to manage payment.

Use the Act-On registration form to ensure that submissions are tracked in a registrant’s Activity History, and use a cookie to track website visitor history.


After the event, Act-On automatically retrieves attendance and participation data from GoToWebinar.

  • Webinar Session Report – Quickly see details of your event registrants and attendees.
  • Form Activity Report – Form views and submissions will be listed here by traffic source. Traffic sources will include each of the trackable links you generated, as well as your email invitations.
  • Message Reports – View the response report for each of the messages associated with your event.

If you used the Act-On registration form, you’ll have all possible segments for appropriate follow-up and schedules the corresponding messages. For example, people who attended might get a “thank you” message; people who signed up but did not attend might be directed to a landing page for downloading copies of the webinar materials.