Specops Redefines the Customer Experience While Saving 1,500 Hours Annually With Act-On


Invests in Marketing Automation to Manage & Amplify Pre & Post-Sales Engagement

PORTLAND, OR–(Marketwired – May 17, 2016) – Act-On Software, the leading provider of marketing automation for fast-growing businesses, today announced that Specops Software, a global supplier of desktop and password management software, has adopted Act-On Marketing Automation to strengthen and streamline its end-to-end customer communications, for an 11 percent lift in total opportunities won and an annual time savings of 1,500 hours.

Enabling IT departments worldwide to manage and safeguard their applications more effectively, Specops Software had long relied on the occasional, one-off email to promote a product or announce a new offering. But with little to work from beyond best time to send emails, these efforts often came up short. Open rates were low, and long-term engagement was poor.

“The software industry is an oversaturated market,” says Colleen Yang, Specops Software’s Marketing Specialist. “Prospects get a lot of information from our competitors. It’s hard to keep us top of mind.” Specops Software needed a solution that could deliver potential buyers the right content at the right time to keep them interested and engaged across the company’s sales cycle, which could get lengthy at times.

Specops Software looked at several popular marketing automation systems, including Marketo and Eloqua, but ultimately selected Act-On for its ease of use and time to value. The solution went to work immediately. Within just two weeks of adopting the system, Specops Software’s marketing team coordinated its first-ever nurture campaign — twelve emails sent out over a twelve-week time period, each with custom content around the phase-out of Windows XP.

Other targeted campaigns followed, based on industry segments, products of interest, job titles, and more. Specops Software’s marketing team even put in place a communication program for customer retention, providing buyers training materials post-purchase to ensure they maximize their technology investment. Act-On has helped cut down Specops Software’s churn rates substantially, while also supporting broader retention efforts — monthly automated training programs, surveys to gauge satisfaction and renewal intent, timely follow-up for support queries, and new product updates.

Act-On has helped Specops Software to address all aspects of the customer experience, from brand awareness and demand generation to retention and loyalty. Concludes Colleen, “Act-On is an invaluable tool not just for acquisition of new buyers, but for customer retention as well. It’s a great way to stay in touch beyond the point of purchase.”

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About Specops Software
Specops Software is an award-winning software company that develops solutions for desktop and password management which extend the functionality of Windows infrastructure. With offices in the US, Canada, the UK and headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, Specops Software helps companies, organizations and educational institutions in more than 50 countries. Specops Software has grown steadily since it was founded in 2001 and reports strong turnover and solid profit.