From Lead to Experience Nurturing

Delivering a customized experience is just as important as the product and service you’re offering. In fact, personalized experience nurturing can increase lead engagement by 57% and conversion by 63%.

We’ll dive into personalization and how to deliver an all-encompassing brand experience. While capturing a lead is great, if they don’t receive relevant, nurture experiences, they might lose interest. 

Segmenting your audiences based on digital behaviors empowers you to deliver relevant content and messaging that speaks to your target audiences. And with Growth Marketing Automation, you can cater to each contact’s unique needs and interests at a moment’s notice, supporting their buyer journey at every turn. 

You'll learn how to use Marketing Automation to:

  • Track lead behaviors to provide a relevant, unique experience
  • Align your content to the customer lifecycle
  • Familiarize and engage customers with your brand across multiple channels

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