Future-Proof Your Funnel – 4 Strategies To Modernize Your Demand Generation Programs

The marketing landscape isn’t changing; it has changed.

We live in a hyper-evolving marketing galaxy, filled with artificial intelligence, shifting customer behaviors, and a crowded market filled with competitors. Have your demand generation programs adapted to the new atmosphere?

Join CEO of the Marketing Guys, Elias Crum, and Director of Demand Gen at Act-On, Dom Catabay, as they discuss the key funnel shifts you should be making to modernize your demand gen programs and stay light-years ahead of the competition.

What we will cover:

  • The Rise of Self-Service: How to adapt and automate your sales approach to work with and without human interaction
  • Going Beyond ‘Best in Class’: Identifying your strategic values to win in a competitive landscape
  • Navigating Generational Shifts: How changing generational preferences are reshaping the B2B buying cycle and influencing decision-making processes
  • The Future in Your Data: Using data to identify trends and customer behaviors in your buying cycle to stay agile

On-demand Webinar

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