How to Reduce Churn and Increase Revenue

Act-On’s Growth Marketing Essentials Webinar Series examines how growth marketing automation can help you go beyond traditional lead and funnel management to drive persistent business growth and long-term value.

Given the online revolution of the past decade, paired with the current COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are looking for new opportunities to grow through digital innovation. Now is the time to create product and service affinity for your products and services early-on and implement engagement strategies that attract and retain customers beyond the point-of-sale. And since 87% of customers are more willing to renew or repeat their purchases with brands that deliver exceptional personalized experiences, developing effective customer marketing campaigns that exceed their expectations is paramount.

In this webinar we'll explore:

  • Engagement and behavior tracking tactics at every lifecycle stage using marketing automation 
  • Strategies to properly welcome, onboard, and support new customers for sustained success 
  • Real-world use cases demonstrating effective lifecycle marketing approaches

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