Sales & Marketing Alignment

Getting Sales And Marketing Teams On The Same Page, Streamlining Processes, And Facilitating Better Lead Transfers And Insights Are Essential To Driving Efficient Growth. Act-On Provides A Complete Set Of Capabilities To Bridge Marketing And Sales Teams To Help Maximize Business Outcomes – While Improving Customer Experiences.

Meet Your Customers Where They’re At With Multichannel Marketing

Act-On provides a complete set of capabilities to bridge marketing and sales teams to help maximize business outcomes – while improving customer experiences.The lines between sales and marketing blurring as both teams play critically important roles at different stages of the customer lifecycle. Act-On provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to extend the value of marketing automation to your sales teams to enable their success and ensure a collaborative and transparent approach. 

Identify Sales-Ready Leads

Sales is always time-challenged and hungry for high-quality leads ready to engage. Marketing can help by using methods that prioritize leads, such as lead scoring. The goal is to hand off only the truly sales-ready leads. Lead scoring helps sales and marketing teams to align to streamline and optimize the lead qualification process. Customized lead scoring helps your organization better focus on your ideal customer profile – fit, engagement, product, and vertical.

Enable Sales with Notifications and Tasks

Automating sales notifications and tasks - including assignments, due dates, and instructions, and reminders - help ensure your sales partners are passed the lead baton at the right time. Use Act-On’s automated journeys to create tasks in a CRM like Salesforce. Alert your sales teams to take action when your leads or contacts hit certain milestones, where a follow-up contact is necessary, or when behavior indicates intervention might be necessary.

Give Sales Insights to Better Personalize

Imagine knowing that the person you're doing a demo for tomorrow is on your site right now – and also seeing what content they are viewing – before reaching out to an assigned lead/contact, creating more relevant and fruitful conversations. Real-time website visitor alerts make it happen. By combining this real-time information with the visitor’s entire activity history, a sales rep can engage with the potential buyer in a more relevant and authentic way.

Understand Marketing’s Impact for Sales

Show how marketing impacts the sales pipeline - the funnel report – Act-On Funnel Reports are fully customizable and let you track your prospects’ journeys – step by step – as they travel through the unique stages of your sales process. From initial engagement to conversion to post-sales and repeat sales, you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts in real time, ensuring that you always have the latest intelligence for critical decision-making.

Extend Act-On’s Value

Act-On Anywhere lets you embed Marketing Automation functionality into any web app, website, and leading email clients (e.g. Gmail and Outlook). You can view Act-On contacts, insert Act-On links and content, and more. We sometimes refer to this plugin as Act-On Anywhere, but it's also effective in many other web-based tools.

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