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96% Of Messages Sent Via Text Are Read Within 3 Minutes Of Receipt

Expand your channels with Act-On's SMS Automated Marketing

Act-On is making text messaging accessible and integral to modern marketing. This new SMS add-on is natively integrated into your critical marketing tactics and workflows and available based on volume usage, starting as low as $250 a month.

Act-On delivers SMS marketing as marketers imagine it: when you need to reach a buyer or customer when and where it matters most – and email isn’t capturing their attention – SMS is the most accessible channel. And Act-On makes it available to you today.

Benefits of SMS Marketing


Customer Experience



Ready to learn more about SMS Messaging?

SMS Fully Integrated and Easy to Use with Act-On

Import your list of opted-in contacts, and send your first SMS message. It’s that easy.

Add SMS to your Automated workflows

Include SMS as a primary marketing channel in your automated programs, or send a message in-the-moment, as needed.

Continually build your SMS contact list

Allow your customers to opt-in to SMS via Act-On forms. Build a trusted and reliable engagement channel to better communicate with your customers.

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