NuGrowth Experiences Massive Growth in Short Order

NuGrowth Solutions, a leading provider of sales and marketing services “as a service,” uses Act-On Software as its exclusive marketing automation platform, not only internally but across all client accounts as well.

Within the first six months of replacing its former marketing automation system with Act-On, NuGrowth saw explosive growth. In tracking prospect engagement statistics, across NuGrowth and its affiliate, Strategic Insurance Software (SIS), NuGrowth was able to identify a combined 34 percent increase in open rates; a combined click-to-open ratio that more than doubled; and a combined increase in leads of 192 percent – nearly tripling the benchmark number prior to its Act-On implementation.

Industry: Agency
Customer Since: 2012
About NuGrowth
NuGrowth Solutions is a sales and marketing as a service organization specializing in business development, customer relationship management, and digital marketing. NuGrowth helps B2B companies build world-class sales and marketing organizations using proven, scalable processes for acquiring new clients.


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An Extensive Wish List/A Powerful Solution

NuGrowth was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with its former marketing system and compiled a list of “must-haves” for its new solution. Among them: integration with its Salesforce database, ease of use, robust reporting capability, drip marketing functionality, lead scoring, and real time visibility into prospect behavior. On every requirement, Act-On delivered. Not only did Act-On provide the full toolkit of features and seamless integration NuGrowth was seeking, it offered the additional benefit of a low-cost pricing model. NuGrowth knew it had found its new partner in marketing automation.

Return on Impression – Beyond ROI

Since implementing Act-On, NuGrowth has had the opportunity to evaluate its ROI, not just in the traditional direct sense of Return on Investment, but in terms of an indirect measurement, what the company calls “Return on Impression.”

“Like others, we use a financial formula to measure how many new opportunities are generated as a result of marketing automation,” said Greg Tillar, CEO. “ROI for us means two things: Direct Return on Investment and Indirect Return on Impression. One is a financial formula and the other an insight measurement, but both are equally important to measurements for our business health. Act-On has proven its value for both, and provided us with intelligence that we would not have been able to garner otherwise. Today we can watch the quantity and frequency of impressions, learn who is paying attention to our content and increase the timeliness of the outreach – putting us in a better position to earn a prospect’s business.”

Greg continued, “Direct ROI measurements are a great indicator of financial health for us and our clients – impact on pipeline, pipeline velocity, return per campaign, and more. Looking at the indirect value of the Return on Impression is a great strategic indicator. It helps us understand the impact our content is making in market, the amount of intelligence we’re capturing in our CRM, and the overall engagement of our brand in market.”

Kate Gluck, director of marketing at the company, added, “Some of what we are selling requires a long consultative sales cycle, so the direct ROI is not always immediately apparent. What is apparent is the higher level of prospect interaction we get with Act-On, and the depth of interest in the content provided. We have higher click rates, higher download rates, higher direct response rates, and higher overall interaction rates since adopting the platform.”

Chuck Rue, NuGrowth’s manager of sales and marketing automation, also points out that the value of Act-On’s ROI is beyond the overtly financial. “As a marketing team, we are more efficient and can complete more projects with less staff,” he said. “Our clients are seeing more interaction from us, which means more leads and, ultimately, more closes. Act-On has made it possible to onboard new clients without incurring large overhead. The lifetime value of those clients is significant.”

Distilling A Universe Of Possibilities Into Qualified Opportunities

Since the adoption of Act-On, NuGrowth has gained the ability to execute on enhanced segmentation to deliver results to its sales teams immediately. Additionally, it can automate followup to prospects interacting with its campaigns and track and compare results more effectively than it did prior to the Act-On implementation.

Kate points out that the company has learned that education based content drives more interactions than sales-based content. “We have been able to leverage this and drive more people to our websites,” she said. “That makes a positive brand impression, creating a warmer conversation environment for our sales reps and it helps us to score leads so that our reps can prioritize their outbound calling.”

“We are taking a universe of possibilities and turning them into a solid batch of qualified opportunities,” said Kate.

Expanding What’s Possible

Since the initial success, NuGrowth has branched out in the use of Act-On. The NuGrowth Digital division has been created, focusing solely on digital marketing – with marketing automation/CRM, content creation, and lead generation being the main areas of expertise. Act-On has helped NuGrowth Digital flourish, helping their clients increase overall Marketing Qualified Lead Generation by over 210% across the board.

According to Paul Fuller, President at NuGrowth Digital, the results keep coming as their marketing automation expertise expands. “We’ve continued to produce lead generating content and grow our use of Act-On, and have seen a continual uptick in results. Our direct ROI from digital efforts for our clients and internally has doubled over the past year, and the indirect Return on Impressions metric continues to evolve and show the impact that we are helping them make on the market.”

And what is NuGrowth planning for the future? According to Paul, Act-On continues to be an integral part of our business model. “Our partnership here has brought significant value to our client base in terms of leads, innovation, and revenue,” he said.

In addition to developing comprehensive strategy, content marketing, and full platform support for their clients, NuGrowth is also engaging with Act-On as a Professional Services Organization partner. “We provide content, strategy, marketing automation, and full workflow support to Act-On clients,” Paul said. “Act-On is a great partner with a strong culture, a toptier product, and a professional team. We’re looking forward to continuing to recommend the platform and team for years to come.”