Act-On’s Vision

We’re here to make marketing automation work for you, not the other way around. Maybe you’ve noticed the same thing we have: the martech world is in a cycle of consolidation, bloat, and vendor lock-in. The industry is full of complex solutions that cost too much, and that only “experts” can use. True to our roots, we are the antithesis of that. Our passion is making marketers’ lives easier. Our focus is providing you with powerful tools to engage your customers, all in an easy-to-use and powerful software solution. To deliver on that promise, we have a multi-year commitment to power everything we do with AI. We’re building new features and technological advancements that make marketing more effective, more personalized, and more efficient.

Act-On’s Story

Our journey began back in 2008, when a small team of innovative thinkers and marketing dreamers set out to build “a sophisticated, but affordable SaaS marketing tool mid-market companies could easily use.” We’ve grown and expanded to service thousands of customers at companies large and small, while still staying focused on what matters, marketing automation that remains:

  • Sophisticated – Act-On is powerful, feature-complete, and increasingly driven by AI 
  • Easy to use – Built for the marketer, designed with an intuitive and modern UI.
  • Affordable – with pricing that’s fair and honest,  while still bringing the product innovation and functionality marketers expect and deserve.
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Deliver a Great Onboarding Experience

Modern marketers want exceptional strategies that drive captivating brand experiences — now and in the future. That’s why we continue to build, improve, and innovate a platform that is strong enough to withstand inevitable changes in the marketing industry, but flexible enough to grow with the marketers we empower. Our work is never done. We push ourselves every day to challenge the status quo and transform the marketing paradigm. To drive successes for our clients. To better engage your audiences. To grow, evolve, and innovate. To lead the industry to bold and brave heights. Growing a business requires building a brand that people care about. Our marketing automation platform delivers brand experiences that captivate and delight the only customers that matter: yours.

Our Core Beliefs

Customers are more than just leads.
Treat them like the individuals they are.

For your company to survive, you need sales. For it to thrive, you need people to love your brand. To turn consumers into loyal brand advocates who spread the word about your offerings, you need to go beyond the transactions – you need to grow relationships based on personal value exchange. Think outside the CRM-centric mindset and enter a world where creating unique experiences for customers drives your business to levels you never imagined.

Modern marketing means
redefining the channel.

Customer expectations are high because new digital experiences wow them every day — and your competition knows this. Brands that deliver consistency, value, and a little delight across every channel will win the day. And these efforts will accelerate their brand. To capture and captivate your audience, you need to create meaningful, thoughtful, compelling experiences at every touchpoint.

As your customers get smarter,
so should your marketing automation.

Your customers are in control. Reviews and content fuel their opinions — which can make or break a brand’s reputation. To drive demand and enhance brand value, you’ve got to go beyond the lead. You need modern marketing automation tools that create great brand experiences and nurture customer engagement organically.

Brand experiences don’t happen in siloes.
They’re everywhere.

Traditional marketing automation platforms are blinded by solving for demand generation. They’re not designed to react to how modern consumers make purchase decisions. Marketing automation can’t be a servant to the CRM anymore — customers expect more. With an always-on growth marketing platform, you can create exceptional experiences for your audience across myriad touchpoints to achieve the greatest impact.

Join us to celebrate what comes next.

Act-On was founded with innovation and optimism in our hearts, and we work every day to capture marketers’ imaginations and deliver a customer-centric growth marketing platform that’s more intuitive and more powerful than ever before.

We ❤ Our Customers