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Marketing in a recession can be a big challenge.

Act-On Stands Out Among Marketo Competitors

Marketing Automation. Marketo. The words might go hand-in-hand, but if your team spends more time and money managing bloated software than creating demand, something’s gone wrong. Curious about which Marketo competitors to consider?

Meet Act-On. Our marketing automation platform is an easier-to-use and more affordable Marketo alternative. And our team of real, caring human beings is a lot like you—we get up every morning to provide real, meaningful experiences for every customer. Can you honestly say the same about Marketo? Check out our customer reviews on G2 for more on how we stack up.

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Considering Marketo Competitors? Choose the One Your Team Will Actually Enjoy Using

Once upon a time, Marketo was a great option for marketing automation. Then, Adobe acquired the platform in 2018. Ever since, investment in product innovation and support has taken a nosedive, according to an independent study of Marketo customers.

Now known as Adobe Marketo Engage, users have been vocal about how the platform has become difficult to use, outdated, and expensive. Adobe may be losing ground to other Marketo competitors, and it’s no surprise why: If your marketing automation platform is so complex that only a highly trained expert can use it, that’s a problem.

Act-On was developed as a dedicated marketing automation alternative to Marketo and solutions like it. We believe everyone on your team deserves an automation platform they’ll actually enjoy using. Act-On was developed by marketers, for marketers, to be intuitive, easy to use, and approachable. Your team can scale your lead generation and customer experience engines without having to become experts in an expensive, bulky all-in-one platform.

Act-On vs. Marketo

We know switching software is a big decision. Read on to learn who wins in a head-to-head matchup: Act-On vs. Marketo

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Act-On Beats Marketo and Its Competitors in Three Crucial Areas

You need an automation platform that is built specifically with your marketing plans and data in mind: and that’s probably not Marketo. With Adobe’s investment in product improvements and support declining, your team is probably struggling to work effectively and get the support they need. Their day-to-day life is worse than it used to be.

By comparison, Act-On will help you reach your full marketing potential — without triggering Marketo migraines.

Act-On is the one platform among Marketo competitors that anyone can use. With our advanced marketing automation platform, you won’t need to fork over your hard-earned marketing dollars for expensive specialists or agency contracts just to get set up.

Marketo users report they spend nearly 90% of their time in the platform doing admin work. Time that could be spent adding value for their customers! Meanwhile, Act-On has an intuitive interface that lets your team do more of what they do best: marketing.

Imagine that! Less time building and more time doing. If autonomy and flexibility are important to you and your marketing team, Act-On is the Marketo competitor you need.

Your marketing automation platform shouldn’t be a loss leader to get you on the hook for an expensive suite of tools you don’t need. Enough of the up-sells, expensive consultants, and added costs for must-have features.

Act-On’s platform has everything your in-house team needs to launch sophisticated campaigns across channels. Our pricing is based on active contacts, not total database size like Marketo. In other words, you only pay for the contacts you actually market to. When it comes to the total cost of ownership, you can expect to pay 50-60% less for Act-On.

It simply takes fewer resources to run your marketing automation program with Act-On. Start dreaming: what will you and your team do with those extra dollars to put toward campaigns and content, not overhead. Act-On is the Marketo alternative you’ve been waiting for.

If questions come up as you’re developing your automation strategy or building campaigns, you want technical experts with unparalleled product expertise—and that’s Act-On.

Unless you’re a top-tier Adobe account (we’re talking maybe billions in revenue), you likely won’t get the same level of care and attention from the support team. Instead, you’ll probably have to spend your time sifting through forum posts and community threads to get the help you need.

Your marketing automation platform is mission critical. You can’t afford to wait when problems come up. Act-On has a team behind you to investigate, educate, and resolve any issue.

I looked at Marketo competitors, including Pardot. We decided to go with Act-On Software because the company has great customer service and flexibility. Act-On offered all of the main features as its competitors with a flexible pricing plan allowing us to build up our marketing activities over time.

What It’s Like to Work in Act-On vs Marketo

Easy implementation: we get you up and running FAST

Implementation can make or break your marketing automation goals. When done right, you're set up to achieve meaningful outcomes quickly and start knocking your campaigns out of the park.

Most Marketo implementations are run by third-party partners. You'll have to source and pay for them, in addition to the licensing costs, and you'll be limited to their approach and potentially forced to make compromises. It can take months before you're up and running with your first campaign.

With Act-On, it takes only a few weeks to get started. We include implementation in our cost and treat each customer as a partner through migration, set up, and launch. When implementation is included, you'll have more control over your costs and start sending campaigns faster — so you see ROI for your marketing automation faster.

The main difference between Pardot or Marketo and Act-On is that Act-On is a lot easier to use.

Flexible integrations: Act-On fits with your martech stack

Great marketing automation requires good customer data for lead scoring, segmentation, and nurturing. Without information flowing between all your systems, your dreams of personalized campaigns will be dead on arrival.

Act-On plays well with others. With five major native CRM integrations compared to Marketo’s two, Act-On far outpaces Marketo in choice and flexibility for your martech stack. And since our partners include the most popular webinar, data, and ABM providers, you can plug and play with the best players in the martech landscape.

Bring Along Your Favorite Tools

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Better value: Act-On delivers more bang for your buck

Marketing automation software is a big investment. And when it comes to pricing, Act-On delivers better value for your investment than Marketo and other competitors.

For starters, Marketo's sticker cost doesn't tell the whole story. They set your price based on your total database size, which inflates your cost if you have inactive contacts. Features like Sales Insights and CRM integrations bring add-on charges. And be prepared for possible indirect expenses like consulting fees when you need extra support.

With Act-On, you'll typically save up to 50% over Marketo, freeing your marketing budget up to drive demand and retain customers. We believe you should only pay for the percentage of your database you're actually marketing to—what a concept! Since active contacts usually represent 40-60% of your customer database, our approach delivers significant savings over Marketo's pricing model.

The Act-On Software Team has become an extension of our business. We ranked their marketing automation solution above Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, and HubSpot. Their service has exceeded expectations. We are very happy to work with them!

Act-On Marketing Automation: The Best of Marketo Competitors​

You can run your marketing machine on Act-On or Marketo. But Act-On saves you all the potential headaches and extra costs Marketo brings with it. Our platform is easier for your team to use, better for your bottom line, and provides more personalized and attentive customer support.

Do you believe your team deserves a marketing automation platform they’ll love to use? If so, get a personalized demo of Act-On today.

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Marketo was too expensive, had too many features we weren't using or didn't know how to use, our rep was slow in responding to our concerns and the whole thing just felt too bloated.