Making the move from Marketo to Act-On

Stop struggling with your marketing automation platform — there’s no better time to make the move from Marketo. Get your personalized demo of Act-On now.

Shake off the dead weight. Free your marketing team to make magic.

Since the Marketo acquisition by Adobe, we're all familiar with the stories.

You’re not alone. Learn why Marketo customers are moving to Act-On, and how we have made the move simple and painless.

Marketo vs. Act-On

Time to Value

Be up and running in a few weeks, delivering high value marketing to your organization

Experience the Marketo onboarding process and sign up with consultant after consultant to build indecipherable and complex structures over many months, and see ROI in two to three years


Constantly evolve your marketing capacity with consistent product and services innovation

Don’t expect innovation or customer support as the company disappears into the Adobe acquisition fog

Total Cost of Ownership

Fast setup, simple management, and only pay for the prospects you actively engage

Marketo requires that you constantly cleanse your database to save the cost of paying for out-of-date and incomplete data and contact records - all while hiring additional resources just to run basic campaigns

- G2 Act-On Rating
"I looked at several solutions including Pardot and Marketo. We decided to go with Act-On Software because the company has great customer service and flexibility. Act-On offered all of the main features as its competitors with a flexible pricing plan allowing us to build up our marketing activities over time."
Jessica Hughey Director of Marketing Sertifi
- G2 Act-On Rating
"The Act-On Software Team has become an extension of our business. We ranked their marketing automation solution above Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, and HubSpot. Their service has exceeded expectations. We are very happy to work with them!"
Jim Lovelady VP of Sales Moss Inc.

Making the Move Simple and Easy

We know that making a change to your marketing automation platform can be overwhelming, especially considering the tangles that come with a system like Marketo.

Our professional services team is here to make the move easy and painless, with special resources for Marketo users.

  • Migration
    • Replicating your branded content (emails, landing pages) in Act-On

    • Migrating all leads and contacts, including your lists

  • Set Up
    • Building or rebuilding your automation rules and nurture campaigns

    • Integrating seamlessly with your CRM

    • Established guidelines to ensure the best possible email deliverability

- G2 Act-On Rating
"I have vetted Marketo, Eloqua, SilverPop, Pardot and others; only to find that Act-On was the best choice for our business needs."
Kimberly Branch VP of Marketing Strategy American Portfolios
- G2 Act-On Rating
"This left Marketo, Pardot and Act-On, which are all great tools. One of the things that set Act-On apart for us was that it was least expensive of the bunch but was also our favorite with the ease of use. It's very intuitive. It's integrates very well with Salesforce. We felt it would have the best chance for adoption with our sales reps. They've found it very helpful having both the high level engagement (the aggregated lead score) and the more detailed view of activity history with each lead in Salesforce. The email tool is powerful."
Jake Haws Acquisition Marketing Manager Zenger Folkman

A Platform Built for Marketers

Flexible, comprehensive, and easy to use, Act-On is built so that it’s simple and intuitive to set up scoring, segmentation, and integrations. Finally, marketers can get back to building amazing, personalized experiences that make an impact.

We Invest in Your Success

With our easy migration packages, we make the move from Marketo to Act-On quick and painless. Once you’re in, our renowned live support services are here to help you get the most out of your new marketing automation platform.

Pay Only for Contacts You Actively Market To

Our Active Contacts pricing model fits your needs and budget while delivering unrivaled and award-winning support. Reach who you want, when you want, with pricing based on on contacts you actively market to, instead of the total size of your database.

- G2 Act-On Rating
"Act-On might not have recognition that Marketo or Eloqua have (yet) but their tool is just as effective, if not more. I've done many demos with the other systems and could not find a reason that they were any better than Act-On, even with price not being a factor. You can get all the major benefits for a fraction of the cost with Act-On."
Nancy O'Connor Marketing Stericycle Communications
- G2 Act-On Rating
"Marketo was too expensive, had too many features we weren't using or didn't know how to use, our rep was slow in responding to our concerns and the whole thing just felt too bloated for a company our size."
David Rollison Manager of Social Media Marketing Marchex, Inc.

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