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Did you think an all-in-one marketing solution would deliver more bang for your buck, but have learned otherwise? You’re not alone.

Here’s what we know about HubSpot. They talk a big game and try to promise the perfect mix of usability and functionality. But by trying to be everything for everyone — and potentially limiting your ability to integrate with other software — they can fall short.

Unlike HubSpot, Act-On does one thing — marketing automation — and we do it very well. Our platform is more affordable, provides deeper CRM integrations, and offers a far better customer experience from real humans.

See Exactly How Act-On Beats HubSpot

Why Act-On Beats HubSpot in Marketing Automation

A one-size-fits-all marketing platform sounds like a dream come true. In an independent study, HubSpot users revealed the reality of using HubSpot can be a harsh wake-up call.*  

HubSpot can hit limitations when you want to fill the gaps by integrating other tech outside the HubSpot ecosystem. The marketing landscape — technology and strategy — moves too quickly for you to be derailed by a messy tech stack.  

As your business grows, so will your HubSpot costs. One extra feature or a few additional contacts will force you into paying for an entire enterprise subscription. And if you ever have a question or need help, good luck getting an actual answer from a real human.

That’s where Act-On shines: our exclusive focus is marketing automation. We’ve built a platform that welcomes your other favorite tools for a better price. And we have a team of marketing experts ready to answer your questions and help you get the most value out of your tech.

How Act-On Beats HubSpot

Want to look beneath the surface of HubSpot, and see how a focused marketing automation solution beats the empty promises of an all-in-one platform? Read on.

*Gathered from an independent study in partnership with a third-party firm
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3 Ways Act-On is a Better Partner Than HubSpot

HubSpot can try to own your marketing and sales teams by offering an all-in-one platform. But aren’t those who are jacks of all trades usually masters of none? HubSpot pushes their Sales Hub by only providing partial CRM integration support, leaving you with limited options outside of their own solution.

Marketing teams need a MAP that communicates with your CRM in real-time – not just a basic connector. This is why Act-On prioritized creating native integrations with five major CRMs, two-way data syncs, and advanced customization options. Your marketing data will become your sales team’s best weapon.

If building a stronger revenue team based on real-time CRM data is on your wishlist, choose Act-On.

HubSpot pricing is notoriously difficult to predict. Expect to pay not just for marketing and lead-nurtured contacts but advertising recipients. And you’ll quickly find that the features you need to grow will also cost you extra. 

With Act-On, you only pay for the contacts that you actually market to (usually around 40-60% of your database). And our price includes our full set of features. We don’t nickel and dime you for the functionality you expect and need to meet your goals. Imagine that — you pay for and receive exactly what you need.

Want your marketing success to be a cause for celebration instead of a budgeting headache? Choose Act-On.

Unlike HubSpot, Act-On has real humans ready to answer your questions. And we don’t send you to a blog post or a community forum when you ask for help. 

Your best-case scenario with HubSpot’s passive support system may be a spot in a long ticketing queue. But with Act-On, our default mode is a proactive partnership. Our support engineers and customer success specialists are here to help you get the most out of your marketing automation, not just troubleshoot technical issues. 

Bottom line: we’ll answer your questions ourselves instead of asking our other customers to do the work for us.

If getting personalized answers to your questions and meaningful support matters to you, choose Act-On.

I’ve looked at other platforms like Marketo and HubSpot, and nothing compares to Act-On. Act-On’s capabilities and its integration with our systems – especially PowerBI and MS Dynamics – make it the most cost-effective marketing automation software available.

What It’s Like to Work in Act-On vs HubSpot

Powerful Marketing Automation vs All-in-One Platform

HubSpot touts itself as an all-in-one provider. They have basic marketing automation functionalities (albeit often for an added cost), along with a sales CRM, customer service, CMS, and operations software on one platform.

But if you think “one software to rule them all” sounds too good to be true, you’re right. We think that by diluting their focus across a wide range of products, marketing automation has slipped to the bottom of the priority list.

With Act-On, you get our laser focus on marketing automation. We’re constantly improving our features and functionality to help our customers build, execute, and analyze their marketing campaigns.

We’ll be blunt: marketing automation is all that we do, and it’s why we’re the best at it.

Prior to implementation, we conducted robust benchmarking of Act-On, Pardot, HubSpot and Marketo. We had several demonstrations and discussions, specifically analyzing key criteria including CRM integration, reporting and analytics, administration (including segmentation and global use), and content creation. We were delighted to choose and continue to work with Act-On.

Easy CRM Integrations vs a Walled Garden

Moving to a new marketing automation solution can be scary. You have to preserve data, get set up for success, and keep your marketing programs rolling without a ton of downtime. We get it, and we have you covered.

Unlike HubSpot, Act-On isn’t interested in building a walled garden. We’re giving you the keys to build the right martech stack for your business. That includes native integrations with five major CRMs, the most popular webinar platforms, and the most efficient analytics solutions.

Your marketing strategy should dictate your tech stack, not the other way around. And HubSpot’s our-way-or-the-highway mentality is a major roadblock when it comes to integrating with other tools.

When we saw Act-On’s ability to do so many things so easily, especially creating emails and landing pages, we were hooked. The other big selling point was the easy and effective Microsoft Dynamics integration, which HubSpot wasn’t able to do at all.

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Why Act-On is the Best Fit For Your Business

If you’re trying to limit your options, bloat your budget, and pay through the nose to get your questions answered by a human, go with HubSpot. 

But if you want to build the best possible martech stack to support your future growth, Act-On is the right choice for your business. Our engineering and support teams are focused exclusively on helping our customers scale through marketing automation, and we’ll be here to help you every step of the way. 

We’ll prove it with a personalized demo. Schedule yours today, and one of our marketing automation experts will show you exactly how you can grow your business with Act-On.

See Exactly How Act-On Beats HubSpot