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Marketing automation shouldn’t be an afterthought in your martech stack.

But tech giants like Salesforce have bought up specialized solutions like Pardot and rendered them no more than trivial add-ons to win larger deals.

The result: poor integrations, complex systems, and lackluster support. (Sound familiar? You’ve seen the same thing happen when once-thriving platforms like Marketo or Eloqua get swallowed up and added to the laundry list of solutions at Adobe or Oracle.)

That’s where Act-On stands apart. We do one thing: empower marketers to build business value by segmenting, personalizing, and optimizing their campaigns. And we do it well.

We’re the only dedicated marketing automation platform, and we’re proud of it. In the areas that matter most to marketers — integrations, usability, and customer experience— we have earned the reviews and awards to prove focus, commitment, and expertise are what really matter.

Want to make your marketing and sales teams happy? Keep your Salesforce CRM and ditch Pardot for Act-On marketing automation.

See Exactly How Act-On Beats Pardot

Why Act-On Beats Pardot in Marketing Automation

Pardot is now officially known as Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (catchy, no?). And since its acquisition in 2013, Pardot has been piggybacking on Salesforce’s position as a CRM market leader. Consultants say the parent company has been neglecting Pardot — not prioritizing marketing automation. The software has become painful to use and doesn’t meet the basic needs of B2B marketers.

Here at Act-On, marketing automation is our sole focus, not just another box to check in a quest to own the tech landscape.

We’re constantly investing in features, innovations and resources that make your job easier, like our market-leading SMS capabilities. Since Act-On has native integrations with five major CRMs (including Salesforce), you don’t have to sacrifice marketing automation functionality to use your other favorite platforms.

And if you ever need help, you’ll get real answers from real human experts in marketing automation — not another service fee.

How Act-On Beats Pardot

Awards We've Won

Act-On Pummels Pardot in 3 Fundamental Ways

You might think that Pardot marketing automation guarantees perfect harmony with your Salesforce CRM, but that’s not always the case. Customers complain about Pardot’s “native integration” lacking basic functionality like using custom object info, difficulties with multi-touch attribution, having to build clunky workarounds, and extra licenses required for basic levels of integration into Sales Cloud.

When it comes to native Salesforce CRM integrations, Act-On’s has more depth and flexibility in data flow than Pardot’s. And while it may seem counterintuitive, our sales tool integrations run deeper. For example, from Salesforce, sales users can access an Act-On Tab, Activity History, Hot Prospects, Account Data, and more.

Plus, Act-On has four other native integrations with top CRM providers, which means you and your sales team can feel empowered to make the best choice for your business.

With more customizable views, data, and reporting for marketing and sales teams, Act-On can easily help you analyze your data and determine which sources and campaigns generated the most leads, deals, and revenue.

If you want more flexibility and success with your marketing automation and CRM integrations, choose Act-On.

The Pardot system is so complex you’ll struggle to move beyond basic email marketing. Teams need HTML expertise or advanced specialists to even build email templates, and complain of a lack of flexibility in building landing pages or content. Many users report spending too much valuable time battling the finicky email editor to render or save correctly. And those constant roadblocks can keep your team from digging deep enough to perform true marketing automation.

By comparison, Act-On’s intuitive interface makes it downright delightful to automate nurture programs, accomplish multi-channel lead generation, perform marketing attribution and reporting, and so much more.

If you want to achieve actual marketing automation in your marketing automation platform, choose Act-On.

Watching videos, sifting through knowledge bases, gambling on community advice, or sitting in long ticketing queues isn’t a productive use of your time. But that’s precisely what you’ll experience with Pardot’s success and support plans. Plus, those support tiers compound exponentially and can add more than 30% to your total cost, on top of licensing fees for services like training and account management.

Act-On delivers an exceptional experience to every customer. Our support engineers and marketing experts are here to help you hash out any platform questions and fine-tune your automation strategies. And we don’t force you into support workflows that rank the severity of your questions to throttle service or treat technical needs separately from platform success.

If getting timely answers and advice from real humans matters to you, choose Act-On.

Prior to implementation, we conducted robust benchmarking of Act-On, Pardot, HubSpot and Marketo. We had several demonstrations and discussions, specifically analyzing key criteria including CRM integration, reporting and analytics, administration (including segmentation and global use), and content creation. We were delighted to choose and continue to work with Act-On.

Why You Should Choose Act-On Over Pardot

Pardot customers are fed up with frustrating interfaces and unreliable support. Salesforce simply hasn’t made the investment required to meet the expectations of B2B marketers or provide the experience they deserve.

Act-On delivers better functionality, integrations, and support. We’re dubbed “advanced marketing automation that anyone can use” because regardless of budget or experience, our customers succeed.

We aren’t Salesforce, and we don’t want to be. We’re Act-On. And if you’re looking for a partner in marketing automation, we’re exactly who you need.

See Exactly How Act-On Beats Pardot

The Act-On Software Team has become an extension of our business. We ranked their marketing automation solution above Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, and HubSpot. Their service has exceeded expectations. We are very happy to work with them!

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