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If your sales team is drowning in leads but they are not converting, this is the webinar for you. Reaching out to every lead definitely will not get sales the results they need, because that’s inefficient, and will result in a lot of wasted conversation time with leads that will never be a good fit. So what can marketers do to help sales people focus on the right leads to hit those sales targets in 2022 and beyond?

By helping your team prioritise the pipeline with well-planned lead scoring programs, you will save them time in the sales cycle and focus their attention on the hottest leads in the quarter.

Say goodbye to a bloated pipeline, and join this workshop to learn how to identify your hottest quality prospects. Being ruthless enough to drop those freezing cold leads is always a great idea. Your sales team will thank you later!

In this step-by-step workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Define your ideal buyer profile(s)
  • Adopt lead scoring best practices
  • Assign point values corresponding to specific behaviours
  • Implement your lead scoring program in 5 easy steps

Featured Topic: Lead Management
Presenters: Mark Van Horik (Marketing Technology Consultant, Marketing Guys), Tatiana Lea (Marketing Automation Learning Consultant, Act-On), Naila Basit (Marketing Manager, EMEA at Act-On).

As the digital world moves toward the data privacy era, marketers are being challenged to adjust their programs, while building data transparency with their customers. And the crumbling of third party cookies is no exception. Marketers rely on a variety of channels to understand their customer’s unique journey and touchpoints. 

While marketers are rightly concerned, there are ways to prepare before these changes take place. This is the chance for marketers to optimize their first party data strategy to build trusting relationships with current and potential customers.

Watch on-demand to learn:

  • How the third party cookie change affects your marketing programs
  • Steps marketers can take to ensure data compliance
  • How to pivot to or improve a first-party data strategy

Featured Topic: Marketing data compliance and analyzation
Presenters: Gwynne Ohm (Digital Marketing Consultant, Ohm Digital), Andy Rice (Director of Demand Generation, Act-On Software), Olaf Kowalik (Sr. Director, Product Mana

Digital Marketing Workshop

When: Growth ’21 is now on-demand!

Where: Anywhere you’d like!

Who: Marketers of all skill and experience levels are encouraged to watch, re-watch, and share Growth ’21 sessions with their peers.

School may be out for summer, but growth marketers are always looking to learn something new!
Our inaugural growth marketing conference features keynotes from several innovative digital marketing trailblazers, as well as nearly 20 interactive learning sessions with proven experts and Act-On personnel.

We have individual breakout sessions with our digital marketing experts to review specific strategies and help you develop an action plan to overcome your biggest challenges.

Join us as we learn, instruct, and explore how marketers and organizations can leverage growth marketing tactics and technology to personalize the customer journey, extend the customer lifecycle, and grow their business at scale.

All Growth ‘21 Sessions, Workshops, and Keynotes are available now. Watch now below!