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Every lead is unique! So unique, in fact, that MarketingSherpa cites that 73% of all B2B leads aren’t sales-ready and don’t convert. So understanding your prospects’ interests and behaviors is crucial.

You could have tons of leads, but failing to prioritize these leads based on trackable intent metrics wastes valuable time and resources while also causing you to miss out on the best opportunities. Lead scoring enables your Marketing and Sales teams to prioritize and identify which individuals are primed for outreach and which ones require more nurturing.

In this step-by-step webinar workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Adopt best practices for lead scoring 
  • Define your ideal buyer profile
  • Assign point values that correspond to specific buyer behaviors
  • Implement your lead scoring program in 5 simple steps

Webinar: Your Growth Marketing
Topic: Lead Management

Featuring: Kevin Eskew, Director of Marketing Operations, Act-On
Presenters: Becca Fischer, Marketing Campaign Coordinator, Act-On