Bank Marketing

Act-On Marketing Automation Software Provides The Foundation For Your Bank Marketing Success Across The Entire Customer Lifecycle.

Use Bank Marketing Automation to Attract New Customers

81% of customers start their search for a bank online. You can be ready to meet them there by making sure you have the right bank marketing tech stack. Differentiate yourself from other financial institutions by providing answers to all the questions — from interest rates and home loans to investment products and savings accounts — when and where your future customer needs them. Make it all happen with a marketing automation solution that helps you cut through the noise.

Stay Compliant Without the Worry

Bank marketing regulations are constantly evolving. With Act-On, you can focus on building customer loyalty while remaining compliant. From sending automated consumer marketing opt-ins early in the buying process to enabling Global BCC for message audits to leveraging our readily available library of email templates, we have your back.

Forget Guesswork, Let Data Lead the Way

One of the most important parts of bank marketing is data. A marketing automation platform like Act-On allows you to leverage marketing data to create and track segmented marketing campaigns across the customer lifecycle. Basing your marketing strategy on rich data builds brand devotion while driving traffic and increasing ROI.

Stand Out in a Sea of Spam

It’s no secret that banks provide similar services with minor differentiators. Your cash back rewards and retirement savings plans are excellent, but what makes you special? Marketing automation for banks helps you provide a unique customer experience across all channels, improving brand perception and delighting your customers with every visit – online or in-person.

Digital Marketing for Banks

Digital marketing for banks is a unique discipline. That’s why Act-On has created tailored features that fit the needs of your role. Explore our Global BCC settings and industry-specific templates for forms, landing pages, and emails.

Bank Marketing Strategy

Leveraging behavioral data helps you deliver personalized automated programs that appeal to the people who will become your lifelong customers. Uplevel your bank marketing strategy with powerful marketing automation.

Community Bank Marketing

Community banks can no longer rely on batch-and-blast email marketing tactics. Ramp up your automation to build personalized campaigns that excite your audience and drive new accounts, product use and upsells.

Email Marketing for Banks

Email continues to be one of the strongest digital channels available. Act-On’s marketing automation platform makes email marketing for banks easy, efficient, effective, and highly personalized.

"We needed a platform to streamline email process while marrying best practices and data to deliver a unique customer experience."
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