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Today’s enterprise marketers need efficient, agile marketing automation to help them drive real business results. That’s Act-On.

Launch impactful campaigns in record time

Agile marketing for modern enterprises

Stop fighting overly complex software. Use modern agile marketing automation to create, measure, and refine campaigns faster and more efficiently.

Innovative solutions for innovative marketers

Your marketing tech should be as innovative as your marketing team. Use AI, journey builder, segmentation analysis, and advance analytics to work smarter and get more done, faster.

Your partner in marketing success

Imagine: a support team that actually cares about your business. Act confidently, knowing you’re backed by world-class support and professional services.

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Migration Strategies: How to Upgrade your Marketing Automation without the Pain

Everything you need in a modern marketing automation platform

Email Marketing

Reach the right audience at the right time with automated email and omni-channel marketing, and the best email deliverability on the market.

Advanced Marketing Analytics

Put a stop to guesswork and ambiguity, with an AI-powered marketing analytics that provides fast answers to complicated questions.

Lead Generation

Move prospects into the funnel faster, and close more deals, with automated journeys that incorporate web, email, social, and multichannel solutions.

Lead Scoring

Accurately measure buyer intent, with powerful yet easy-to-use lead scoring frameworks or fully automated AI predictive lead score.

Martech and CRM Integrations

Keep your entire stack running smoothly, and everyone in the organization aligned, with over a thousand marketing technology integrations.

Sales Enablement

Send the best leads to sales as quickly as possible. And ensure they have what they need to close with sales intelligence and Act-On Anywhere.

Customers Love Act-On

We’ve got the innovative tools, support services, and educational assets you need to succeed.

“The personalized attention and emphasis on creating a true partnership with their clients is one of Act-On’s greatest assets.”

Tracy Towns

Sales Operations and Sales Force Administrator

“Act-On brings together all the tools we need in a marketing automation platform. It’s easy to learn, use, administer and manage. Act-On customer and technical support are second to none, truly best-in-class.”

Karen Roscoe

Digital Marketing Manager, Bruker AXS LLC

“It fits perfectly with SalesForce (CRM), seamlessly aligning with Inbound campaigns and automating lead management activities – saving the sales and marketing team valuable time.”

Oliver Morton

Director of Marketing at eDriving

Act-On pricing: pay for only what you use

Unlike our competitors, we charge you based on the contacts you actually market to, not every contact in your database. The difference in cost will surprise you!

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Our Mission: Help Marketers Get More Done

Support You Can Count On

Fast. Dedicated. Reliable. When our support team hears the call, they drop everything to find a solution to your problem.

A Broad Suite of Professional Services

Whether through Act-On Professional Services or our partner network, we’re here to help you with the tough implementation, migration, or other projects you face.

Best Practices and Benchmarks

Stories of marketing innovation. Benchmarks from peers to guide your projects. Informative guides for even the thorniest topics.