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Marketing Automation Software That Actually Delivers

Act-On marketing automation is made for the ones who blaze trails. It’s the straight-forward tool you need to get creative, launch and test your best campaigns, and nurture leads automatically. And if you’re thinking, “Yeah, but data.” Of course, and integrations, too. But first, we made these boxes to tell you what Act-On does. What if you could … ?

Develop and deliver multi-channel experiences to the right targets at the right time.

Provide better leads, data, and measurable results to create happier sales partners.

Scale your marketing efforts to engage, nurture, and convert across the customer lifecycle.

Marketing Automation Features

Act-On has all the marketing automation features you need without making things overly complicated (ahem, Marketo), or making you pledge undying allegiance to an entire product suite (mm-eham, HubSpot). We give you the complete marketing feature set you need without over-inflated platforms that are hard to use and cost too much. 

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Explore Act-On's Features and Capabilities

We’re With You When You Need Us

We’ve got the innovative tools, support services, and educational assets you need to succeed.

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Bring Along Your Favorite Tools

Open API + Our Native Integrations, Including:

We ❤ Our Customers

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We Know Our Customers By Name,
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Our mission at Act-On is to support marketing progress at a very real level with our customers and partners. Our world class product, support, customer success and technical teams make it all possible. Here are some of the customer stories we’re proud of.

Thanks 😌 We're Flattered

With Act-On, we can compete with the biggest players in the market while continuing to provide a head-turning customer experience.

Kyle Dahlgren
Assistant Vice President of E-Commerce, Truity Credit Union

Thanks to Act-On, we were able to enhance our marketing strategy and gain valuable insights into customer preferences.

Adam Nutting
Marketing Automation Specialist, Traverse City Tourism

Through analytics and knowing where our customers are in their journey, we’re able to deliver the most relevant messaging.

Marc Wilensky
VP of Communications and Brand Marketing, Tower Federal Credit Union

Act-On’s lead scoring has transformed our marketing efforts and allows us to automatically transfer great leads through our CRM.

Sam Saunders
Digital Marketing Manager, DMC Canotec

Executing our email campaigns through Act-On increased our open rates by 68% and our CTR by 25%.

Agata Krzysztofik
Chief Marketing Officer, Simscale

Act-On gave me the insight I needed to better strategize how we engage our different audience segments.

Kristin Williams
Marketing Program Manager, Physicians Insurance

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Marketing Automation Content

Here at Act-On, we live by live our own marketing advice. We also live up to our promises of great service and education, even if you never become our customer. Get our best articles, eBooks, webinars, podcast episodes and more in our resource center. Here are a few things to start with.

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