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Meet your marketing goals without limitations with our partner network. Whether you’re looking to work with an agency, OEM, or an integration partner, we’ll help you connect with the provider or solution to help you achieve marketing success — regardless of your expertise, capacity, or location. If you need a fully managed experience, a local referral or reseller partner, streamlined tech stack integrations, or someone who can help you do more, our network has your back.

Integration Partnerships

Marketers need marketing technologies that empower them to reach their goals. Our platform is purpose-built to help them do just that. With our unique, accessible open API and connectivity with hundreds of sales, marketing, and CRM technologies, Act-On enables customers to build, optimize, and integrate multi-vendor solutions that combine and extend the value of their full technology ecosystem. Whether you’re looking to capture and record data from your engagement channels or exchange data with third-party event solutions, calendar/project management tools, or point-of-sale/retail apps, our integration model allows you to manage all of your critical business data.

Reseller and Agency Partnerships

Our agency partners are here to help you reach your goals. From local referral, reseller, and implementation specialists to global managed service providers (MSPs) that own more of the marketing value chain, our network is here to help you get the most out of Act-On — no matter where you are. Whether you’re looking for local expertise, specialized onboarding and consultative best-practices, or broad management of your marketing programs, our solution provider partners are here to lend their expertise, experience, and skills to help you seamlessly execute your campaigns through our solution.

OEM Partnerships

We work with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners around the globe who repackage our platform into their own marketing suites. Flexible, scalable, and straightforward, Act-On allows OEMs to build on and around our platform to deliver their own unique value and services across their proprietary solutions. By working with Act-On, OEMs can optimize and extend the value of their  solutions through smart, nimble automation that amplifies the impact, value, and reach of their technologies and strategies.

"Act-On has been a foundational platform technology for us at Goose Digital. The partnership with Act-On has been a big part of our success and we highly recommend them."


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