Partner-On with Act-On

Act-On is investing to expand our Partner Eco-System to help our 4,000+ customers get the most out of their investment in Act-On’s industry leading Marketing Automation platform. We don’t take a generic one-size fits all approach. By combining forces with our partners, we offer our customers the best Technology + Expertise to address their specific requirements.

Programs Aligned to both Partners AND Customers

Charmony (a.k.a. Channel Harmony) is the core concept driving our partnership programs. Whether you’re an agency, OEM, MarTech consultant, SaaS leader, SI, services provider or building vertically integrated offerings, Act-On offers tailored partnership programs aligned to match YOUR business focus and objectives with OUR customers requirements so that together we can drive more better business for everybody.

SELL-ON for Resellers

Resell Act-On to generate additional revenue for your business:

  • Authorized Resellers resell Act-On subscriptions enabling customers to manage their own Act-On instance with support provided by the partner
  • Managed Service Providers provide a turn-key service actively managing their customer’s account for them

MARKET-ON for Co-marketing and Co-selling

Co-Market and Co-Sell together to drive more mutual business:

  • Joint GTM Partners revenue teams collaborate on account mapping, events, social campaigns, and thought leadership; as well as deep product integrations and eligibility for Partnership Growth Funds (PGF)
  • Referral Partners receive commission fees when clients referred to Act-On sign new subscriptions (or remain vendor agnostic by passing them along as discounts to their clients)

SOLUTION-ON for complimentary Tech and Services

Co-solutioning together to define, develop and deliver offerings that maximize value for our mutual customers:

  • Tech Partners provide complimentary software subscriptions, such as data feeds or product connectors, thru Act-On’s API or other 3rd Party intermediaries (such as iPaaS or CRM platforms)
  • Services Partners provide vital value-add services such as implementation and on-boarding, advisory consultation, creative/content, and/or fractional staffing

"Act-On has been a foundational platform technology for us at Goose Digital. The partnership with Act-On has been a big part of our success and we highly recommend them."
We ❤ Our Customers