Marketing Automation

Whether you’re creating awareness, driving demand, nurturing leads, or extending the customer lifecycle, Act-On’s automation tools helps you achieve phenomenal value from all of your marketing programs.

Marketing Automation Tools to Supercharge Your Digital Workflows

Our automated marketing software helps you plan, launch, measure, adapt, and optimize holistic marketing programs — giving one marketer the power of ten! With Act-On marketing automation, every marketer can connect with prospects, convert leads, nurture experiences, close deals, and evangelize customers for repeat business and increased exposure.

Lead Automation

Create, edit, share, and save lead automation workflows with Act-On’s website visitor tracking, landing page templates, and form builder. Automate your demand generation efforts to capture the information you need to deliver customized buying experiences that drive awareness, delight prospects, and strengthen customer relationships.

Lead Automation

Automated Marketing Journeys

Guide your target audiences from consideration to purchase to loyalty with Act-On’s automated marketing journey tools. The Automated Journey Builder includes a flexible visual canvas to build multi-channel, multi-touch marketing outreach programs. And with intuitive if/then conditional logic and content personalization functionality, you can deliver the brand experiences your prospects crave and your customers love.

Lifecycle Tools

Lifecycle marketing automation tools include a phased and scalable approach to understanding, engaging, and delighting your customers at every stage of their journey (and back again). Act-On’s lifecycle marketing automation tools help you anticipate and meet your buyers along their preferred channels — extending the customer relationship past the point of sale and turning leads into buyers and buyers into lifelong brand champions.

Act-On infographic - Marketing Technology Trends for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses
"Automating campaigns can be difficult when you’re dealing with multiple business units, but Act-On allows us to streamline that proces."
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