Multichannel Marketing

Effortlessly follow your customer’s unique journey with Act-On’s marketing automation, seamlessly aligning with any path to purchase.
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Promote Growth at Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle​

Our multichannel marketing capabilities let you to personalize your customer interactions from awareness to loyalty. Utilize actionable data to execute programs, grow your business, and build customer lifetime value.

Lead Scoring and Segmentation

Maximize your resources with Act-On’s efficient email marketing support. Leverage our easy-to-use email authoring, subscriber management, and reporting capabilities for impactful marketing results, all without the high costs or overhead.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Act-On helps you boost engagement with our automated program builder. Use it to serve your customers with timely, personalized, and relevant content. Leverage email, SMS, CRM actions to alert sales, and APIs to integrate with external applications such as direct mail.

First-Class Native SMS Marketing Support

Reach your target market faster with Act-On’s SMS marketing. 90% of messages are read within 5 minutes. Leverage domestic and international sending capabilities, behavioral tracking, segmentation, automated workflows, reporting, and more to personalize and amplify results.

Results-Focused Marketing Forms & Pages

Capture customer attention instantly with Act-On’s easy-to-build, engagement-focused landing pages and forms. Personalize effortlessly, gather essential details for engagement, and create surveys, registration pages, and progressive profiles with just a few clicks.

Enhance your Corporate Communications

Benefit from a multichannel approach to internal coms. Use SMS for time-sensitive notifications like office closures, inventory updates, and product shortages. Optimize regional or division-level communication through the Marketing Automation Network, while using the “parent” account for corporate-wide communications.

Social Media Listening and Marketing

Boost your company’s social media presence with Act-On’s Advanced Social Media Module. Easily author, manage, publish, and schedule your social media tactics. This add-on integrates social media into marketing programs, measuring efforts and amplifying employee advocacy, including Instagram Reels support.

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