Multichannel Marketing

Your Customer’s Journey Is Unpredictable, Self-Directed, And Unique. That’s Why Serving Them At Every Stage Isn’t Always Easy. Act-On’s Multichannel Marketing Automation And Complete Messaging Capabilities Align You With The Customer Journey — Regardless Of Their Path To Purchase.

Promote Growth at Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

Customers want to feel known, understood, and connected to your company. But accomplishing this requires a high level of personalization. Act-On empowers you with multichannel marketing capabilities, helping engage and convert customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle — from awareness to loyalty. Tapping into actionable data supports you with executing programs designed to grow business and generate higher customer lifetime value.

Complete Email Marketing Support

With limited time, resources, and staff, you don’t have energy to waste. Every action needs to create big impacts. Act-On provides you with complete email marketing support, allowing you to easily leverage email authoring, subscriber management, reporting capabilities, and more — to get the most from your marketing efforts. Plus, we’ve designed our capabilities to be simple and powerful — without high costs or overhead.

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Designed for Engagement

Act-On helps you boost engagement with our automated program journey builder. It’s designed to ensure that every customer is treated as an individual by serving them timely, personalized, and relevant content. Leverage email, SMS, and CRM actions to alert sales, use APIs to integrate with external applications such as direct mail, and easily add a prospect to a retargeting campaign.

Results-Focused Marketing Forms and Landing Pages

You have seconds to capture attention when a prospect arrives at a landing page or completes a form. We make capturing attention simple with easy-to-build landing pages and forms designed with customer engagement in mind. Personalize with a few easy clicks, capture critical details you can leverage for engagement, and build surveys, webinar registration pages, progressive profiling, and more.

First-Class Native SMS Marketing Support

Do you want to reach your target market faster? If so, SMS marketing is highly effective, with 90% of messages read within five minutes. Act-On helps you leverage this opportunity with both domestic and international sending capabilities. Plus, it’s designed with behavioral tracking, segmentation, automated workflows, reporting, and more, so you can personalize and amplify results.

Social Media Listening and Marketing

Do you want to boost your company’s social media presence and how the increasingly important channel delivers value for your company? Author, manage, publish and schedule your social media tactics with Act-On’s Advanced Social Media Module. It’s an optional add-on that lets you integrate social media into marketing programs to measure social media efforts and amplify employ advocacy. The solution even provides Instagram Reels support.

Extend Act-On’s Value to Your Corporate Communications

Organizations, business divisions and sales teams all benefit from using a multichannel approach to internal communications. You can use SMS for time-sensitive notifications, such as regional office closures, inventory levels, product shortages and more. You can also leverage the Marketing Automation Network to optimize regional or division-level communication while using the “parent” account for corporate-wide communications.

"Instead of posting less while short-staffed, we posted more. We’ve cut our time in half posting through Advance Social, compared to jumping in and out of each social program individually. Reporting time at the end of the month is cut by 75%, as we can gather all the stats in one place."

Jenny Nielson Christensen
VP of Marketing, Binmaster

"Act-On’s automated programs have tripled our email open rates, saved us countless hours of labor, and generated so many well-nurtured leads. Our biggest concern is putting enough staff in place to follow up with them."

James Moat
Director of Global Digital Corporate Communications, Avery Dennison

"Act-On provided a single reporting platform for analyzing our marketing efforts across all of our platforms, and the advanced social media platform met an additional need to simplify employee advocacy."

Julie Reedy
Principal, Pariveda Solutions C

"I love Act-On’s whole right person at the right time with the right message kind of approach. Through the analytics, and knowing where they are in the cycle and what they’re interested in, we’re able to deliver customers the message that we think is most relevant to them."

Marc Wilensky
Vice President Of Communications & Brand Marketing

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