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At Act-On, we’re all about empowering you to get the most out of our powerful, practical growth marketing platform through our educational community. Check out our resources to become a marketing automation master.

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From special trainings and certifications to our bonafide customer support heroes, Act-On isn’t just software; it’s a community of marketing automation masters, email magicians, and content geniuses. So, if you need help, we’ve got the best people to deliver it.

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Ask questions, start conversations, and spark inspiration. We support (and love) the fact that our customers like to learn from one another.

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More Great eBooks from Act-On's Library

Marketing Automation
Brad Baer

Marketing Automation Assessment

Making the switch is an important decision for your business. You shouldn’t have to figure it out by yourself.

We’ve put together this holistic assessment to help you determine whether your marketing automation is working for your team. This self-directed questionnaire will help you make that initial assessment.

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Customer Journey
Suzy Balk

Email Marketing Myths Debunk’d

When it comes to email marketing tips, there are a few things that we have all been told to do. From using specific CTAs to sending at certain times of the day, but does some of that conventional wisdom really make a difference? After extensive tests, see what we uncovered.

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