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Kelsey Yen

Email Marketing Myths Debunk’d

When it comes to email marketing tips, there are a few things that we have all been told to do. From using specific CTAs to sending at certain times of the day, but does some of that conventional wisdom really make a difference? After extensive tests, see what we uncovered.

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Financial Industry Use Cases - Act-On

Financial Industry Use Cases Collection

We work with financial industry marketing rockstars every day. If you’re looking for a little bit of proof, or something to share with your exec team to legitimate your choice of Act-On for marketing automation, maybe this collection of use cases will help.

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Getting the Most Out of Marketing Automation

As financial institutions continue to leverage digital marketing to grow their customer base and maintain relationships, many have yet to realize the full potential of marketing automation. As a financial marketer, you may face several challenges, including relying on legacy systems, poor technology integrations, changing compliance and regulations, and a lack of access to important data. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of your marketing automation software.

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Suzy Balk

The Ultimate Guide to Manufacturing Marketing

Get the guide for up-to-the-minute best practices for generating high-quality leads, creating segmented, personalized experiences, and growing your manufacturing business. In the age of self-service product discovery, you can’t afford to stop your digital transformation at the marketing department’s door. Implementing tools like marketing automation can make all the difference.

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Suzy Balk

The Manufacturer’s Guide to Data-Driven Marketing Automation

This eBook will show you how marketing automation is a powerful tool for manufacturing marketers seeking to provide a better customer experience. The key is developing the right strategy and using the right tools to deliver timely, relevant, and highly personalized content. Marketing automation will help you support your sales team and have more productive conversations to increase their close rates.

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