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Act-On Stands Out Among Oracle Eloqua Alternatives

We know we should respect our elders. Oracle Eloqua was out there in the marketing automation space before any of the alternatives. But first doesn’t mean best. Eloqua users are complaining about a dated user interface, buggy features, and bloated cost.* Time to face the facts: getting acquired by Oracle seems to have brought Eloqua’s product innovation to a screeching halt. And stagnation quickly leads to extinction in the marketing automation space.

Dinosaurs are cool, but not exactly what you want powering your business growth. Enter Act-On. We’re laser-focused on making marketing automation as intuitive as possible—because we’re the only dedicated marketing automation platform. 

Ready to leave clunky interfaces and glitchy forms in the past? Embrace the future of marketing automation with Act-On.

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We ❤ Our Customers

The Act-On Software Team has become an extension of our business. We ranked their marketing automation solution above Oracle Eloqua and alternatives like Marketo, Pardot, and HubSpot. Their service has exceeded expectations. We are very happy to work with them!

Considering Oracle Eloqua competitors? Choose the most user-friendly option

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: a specialized marketing platform gets gobbled up by a tech giant. Longtime customers see a nosedive in support and product improvements as the niche software becomes little more than an afterthought for the corporation’s primary breadwinner. And its ability to compete in the market slowly diminishes. 

Well, Act-On is here to help. Our marketing automation platform gets better and better each year. Why? Because we pay close attention to customer feedback to understand what problems marketers are facing. Then… we solve them. It’s not easy, but it’s our sole focus—and as our customer reviews attest, we do it well.

When it comes to Oracle Eloqua alternatives, we know marketers need to see ROI faster. You want easy-to-use software and advanced functionality to bring your marketing dreams to life. Act-On can make it all happen at a reasonable price, freeing up your budget for other needs.

Act-On vs. Oracle Eloqua

We know switching software is a big decision. Read on to learn how Act-On stands out in a crowded field of Oracle Eloqua alternatives. 

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Better ROI than Oracle Eloqua alternatives

Eloqua’s pricing isn’t transparent, but it’s often considered the priciest marketing automation platform on the market. It has a reputation for being expensive to buy and expensive to run. At the lowest pricing tier you’ll be limited to fewer contacts, fewer users, and a lack of core marketing automation features. 

Act-On platform fees average 50-60% less than Oracle Eloqua. Our Active Contacts pricing model means you’ll only pay for the number of contacts you actually market to. We don’t use tiered pricing for core functionality. You’ll get all the features and support you need to engage, nurture, and convert leads across the customer lifecycle with marketing automation.

And our built-in ROI reporting analyzes your data and attributes revenue to your marketing touch points. You’ll know exactly which campaigns generated the most leads, deals, and revenue. With Act-On, it’s easy to improve—and prove—your team’s ROI.

More intuitive than Oracle Eloqua alternatives

Drag-and-drop editors. Native CRM integrations. Intuitive journey builders. Customer behavior tracking and performance reports. These may sound like table stakes for marketers who need to work confidently in their automation platforms. And they’re exactly what you’ll find in Act-On. 

As for legacy platforms like Oracle Eloqua? Their users report getting bogged down with clunky interfaces and fiddling with finicky templates. Compared to Eloqua, Act-On’s marketing automation platform is just as powerful — but we build our system so that any marketer can work within it. Usability matters! Our reviews make it clear that Act-On users love how our platform makes their lives easier.

Stronger support than Oracle Eloqua alternatives

If you have a question about marketing automation, you deserve a timely answer from a knowledgeable expert. Bonus points if that expert is a human being and not an AI chatbot or searchable database. Eloqua users looking for help are left at the mercy of knowledge bases and crowd-sourced community pages. And if you do get in touch with Oracle support teams, you’ll find their attention is likely split while juggling support for other applications, software, and hardware.

In sharp contrast, Act-On users can find reliable answers on our support site, via our live chat, or over the phone. (That’s right, a real human ready to help you over the phone!) No matter how you reach us, you’ll be hearing from a dedicated platform expert.


*All Oracle Eloqua intelligence based on customer reviews and independent research conducted by a third party and commissioned by Act-On.

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Our Native CRM Integrations

We had maybe five tech support calls a week with Eloqua. Our top priority was finding something that was easy to use. It takes about half the time to create an email with Act-On as it does with Eloqua. That alone has been a tremendous help for us.

Act-On marketing automation: The best of Oracle Eloqua alternatives

Marketing automation is just too important to treat as an add-on, like Eloqua does. And it evolves too quickly to stay stuck in the past.

Your marketing automation software touches every part of your martech stack. It needs to be agile and easy to use—and a huge company like Oracle is always at risk of letting product innovation slip through the cracks.

If you’ve spent months or years waiting for improvements to Eloqua, it’s time for a change. Learn how Act-On can help you drive your marketing automation ROI and deliver the support you deserve.

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