Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Act-On

Adding marketing automation to your existing tech stack means your sales team has the data it needs to close more business.

Integrating Best-in-Class Marketing Automation with Your Dynamics CRM Means Visibility Into the Entire Customer Journey

Collect Actionable Data

The native integration between Act-On marketing automation and Dynamics 365 creates two-way communication that results in comprehensive data on every lead and customer.

This information empowers you to make more informed decisions about when and how to engage with your prospects and customers and how to shape the customer experience across the entire lifecycle. You can also attribute revenue to campaigns and channels (even social media) to measure ROI more accurately.

Use Data to Optimize the Customer Journey

Lead management and nurturing are multichannel efforts that should be managed by both Marketing and Sales, so it’s important that these departments work together to make the most of every lead.

By integrating Dynamics 365 and Act-On marketing automation, you can identify the right prospects and begin guiding them along an immersive customer journey. Use demographics, firmographics, and behavior to determine intent, readiness, and the opportune moment for an authentic sales discussion with your best leads.

Optimize Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Connecting Act-On marketing automation with Dynamics 365 creates a central command center for creating, managing, and tracking campaigns across multiple channels throughout the customer lifecycle. This integration takes your sales and marketing teams from lead capture to nurturing to revenue booked across multiple deals. This connection yields actionable intelligence that enables the entire organization to make smarter investment decisions while validating the sales and marketing activities that raise your bottom line.

The big selling point for Act-On was the easy and effective integration with Microsoft Dynamics. HubSpot wasn’t able to do that at all.

Mary Martinez (Director of Marketing, Horizon Distributors)

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