Act-On and Zendesk Sell Integrate for Better Buyer Insights

Connect your Zendesk Sell to Act-On to view marketing activities, scores, and outreach to optimize sales engagement and productivity

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Combine Act-On Marketing Automation Behavioral Data and Zendesk Sell to Deliver Sales Empowerment

Continuous Data Exchange

The exchange of buyer data between Act-On and Zendesk Sell is consistent and continuous, so you can be sure your teams are always working with the latest insights and information.

Delivered through a singular, frictionless, and data-rich experience, the Act-On and Zendesk Sell integration builds synergies between your sales and marketing teams.

Optimize the Sales Funnel

In Zendesk Sell, salespeople gain access to Act-On’s buyer activity reporting, behavioral data, scoring and segmentation, which allows them to see each step of the buyer’s journey, the sequence and pace of activity.

Salespeople can easily prioritize hot leads associated with ongoing campaigns, events, or promotions, accelerating their wins.

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Deliver Personalized Experiences

The Act-On integration with Zendesk Sell allows your marketing and sales teams to engage with buyers within a single user experience. Use email templates and content from Act-On or direct sales cycle management in Zendesk Sell.

As an integrated environment, your teams can deliver personalized content when it matters most.

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