Act-On’s Cloud Infrastructure Expansion Strengthens Commitment to Canadian Clients

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As an international leader in growth marketing automation solutions, we understand the responsibilities that we have to our partners, our customers, and our clients’ end-users. Chief among these responsibilities is ensuring that we are compliant with all national data protection laws and regulations — and that we provide a marketing automation platform that systematically protects our clients and their customers while remaining as effective and efficient as ever.

Act-On Cloud Infrastructure Expansion

In support of our mission to provide dynamic, effective, and secure marketing automation support and solutions, we’re proud to announce that we are expanding our cloud infrastructure in Canada to ensure data compliance for all of our Canadian customers and end-users. 

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Why Act-On’s Canadian Cloud Infrastructure Expansion Is So Important

As we wade further into the digital revolution, more and more people are researching and purchasing online, which means more and more people are sharing their personal data and digital engagement footprint when browsing for goods, services, and products. Naturally, this information-sharing makes a lot of consumers uncomfortable, especially in the wake of several recent high-profile international data breaches. 

As a result, at both a national and provincial level, Canada has implemented rigid standards for data protection and privacy. Some implement conditions on how to collect, manage, and transmit personal information — while others, such as British Columbia’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, requires all entities operating within the public sector to use cloud technologies that are entirely hosted in Canada.

Act-On’s cloud infrastructure expansion effectively routes local customer data, guaranteeing that all applications and databases can meet local data residency requirements within Canada. It also gives Canadian companies the freedom to choose where they host their data, along with the knowledge that their data (and that of their customers) will remain protected and secure. So whether or not your organization is subject to regional data privacy laws, you can rest assured that your data and that of your customers will remain safely within Canada. 

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Investing in Digital Security Is Paramount at Act-On

Over the last decade, the digital revolution has caused online consumerism to explode across nearly every industry. And since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, online purchases have increased by as much as 30% (1). As businesses of all shapes and sizes begin catering to their digital buyers, they must take the appropriate steps to ensure their customers’ data is secure, private, and protected. 

By investing in this significant cloud infrastructure expansion, Act-On is stressing to our prospective and current customers that we want to be a cornerstone of their unique digital transformations. We’re listening to what the market has to say and are dedicated to providing our Canadian clients with the tools they need to provide their customers with the safety and security they rightfully expect.

Said Aaron Johnson, Chief Product Officer at Act-On:

“We are committed to our growing base of Canadian companies and end-users long-term, and we know data privacy and compliance are top concerns for them. Modern marketers are managing more data than ever and they must do it while complying with specific geographic regulations. With this cloud expansion, we are exceeding our industry peers and equipping Canadian marketers to create exceptional, compliant customer experiences with us every time.”

Better Compliance Breeds Greater Trust

IBM recently released the Cost of a Data Breach Report (2). Their research found that the average global data breach costs organizations nearly $4 million and takes nearly 300 days to contain. So it’s no surprise that companies are doing everything in their power to prioritize compliance and safety. 

When consumers can trust that their personal information and online behaviors are secure, they’re more likely to do business with an organization promising that security. In fact, according to PWC, 86% of consumers state that their willingness to share their personal information is based on how much they trust a given company. Further, 85% of consumers say they will not buy from a company if they are concerned about their data security practices (3).

At Act-On, we believe that our cloud infrastructure expansion will improve our customers’ marketing efforts and help them promote and secure greater trust with their consumer base. Michael Turcsanyi, CEO at Goose Digital (an Act-On partner with offices Toronto and Edmonton, Canada), agrees: 

“Organizations across Canada continue to invest heavily in digital marketing solutions to power next-generation experiences for their audiences. Ensuring these investments meet Canadian data and privacy standards is a unique differentiator. This expansion demonstrates Act-On’s growing Canadian presence and commitment to providing best-of-breed marketing technology for Canadian businesses.”

Act-On Is Dedicated to Innovation, Satisfaction, and Security

Today’s cloud infrastructure expansion announcement adds to our existing infrastructure in the United States and Europe, placing Act-On in a true leadership position within the marketing automation space. Our new cloud offerings will go into effect in mid-August and will be available for all Canadian Act-On customers and end-users at that time.

If you would like to learn more about how Act-On uses innovative technologies and proven processes to ensure data compliance and security in accordance with national and regional laws and guidelines, please reach out to our support staff today.

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Growth Marketing Automation: The Next Wave