Growth Marketing Automation: The Next Wave

Want to Go Beyond the Lead — But Not Sure Where to Start?

In the past, marketers have used marketing automation to streamline lead generation and manage their funnel. However, as consumer behaviors have changed, so have their expectations. Marketing success now hinges on going beyond the lead to grow your business through great automated experiences that improve engagement across each stage of the buyer journey. From initial awareness to generating demand to in-product messaging, brand advocacy, and beyond, growth marketing is the future of business success!

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  • Customer Grouping to Dynamic Behavioral Segmentation

  • Lead Nurturing to Experience Nurturing

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Grow Your Business

Taking core marketing automation principles and extending them well beyond the “Attract and Capture” model to create and deliver personalized and immersive buyer journeys, growth marketing focuses on the lifelong needs of the consumer from a multi-dimensional marketing perspective.

Deliver Great Experiences

The best way for marketers to enter the modern age and evolve beyond the Attract and Capture model is to focus on delivering exceptional brand experiences to grow their business, which naturally helps create lifelong customers and brand evangelists.

Drive Engagement Around Your Offerings

Once you’ve converted your lead into a customer you can turn your attention to welcoming, onboarding, retaining, and evangelizing your audience to drive more engagement around your offerings and prove that you’re invested in your customers’ success.

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