Lead Scoring

Act-On Provides Marketers With Intuitive, Easy-To-Develop, Scoring Frameworks That Allow You To Score Each Audience Segment According To Your Unique Parameters.

Lead Scoring Based on Profiles, Behaviors, and Engagement

You need to understand how your audience is engaging with your marketing campaigns to ensure that these interactions create more opportunities and sales. By automating your lead tracking and lead scoring models, you can send better marketing qualified leads to sales and turn sales qualified leads into won business opportunities. And with Act-On, you can create multiple score sheets for different audiences for optimal engagement.

Lead Scoring Models

Developing lead scoring models for prospects helps you understand their intentions based on demographics, firmographics, and behavior. By using lead tracking to gather and analyze each prospect’s relative behaviors and intent signals (like website visits, content views, form-fills, and email opens), Act-On ranks your prospects, alerts you to marketing qualified leads, and enables you to segment accordingly to maximize conversion rates.

Lead Tracking

Existing customers behave differently than leads because they’re already familiar with your company. And since repeat customers are key to sustainable revenue, lead tracking customer behaviors and engagement is essential to generating additional sales opportunities and increasing customer loyalty. Deploy a wide range of scores across multiple segments to better understand your sales qualified leads and opportunities.

Multiple Score Sheets

Individual prospects and customers often take actions that indicate more than one intention. Don’t underserve a genuine interest by aggregating intention and scores. Act-On’s multiple score sheets allow you to develop lead scoring models and lead tracking strategies that follow individual buyers down multiple pathways, giving you greater visibility and influence regarding marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, and their purchase decisions.

"Act-On’s lead scoring has transformed our marketing efforts and allows us to automatically transfer great leads through our CRM."
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