Lead Scoring

Act-On offers easy-to-develop scoring frameworks for marketers. Score each audience segment based on your unique parameters.

Lead Scoring Based on Profiles, Behaviors, and Engagement

Understand audience engagement to generate more opportunities and sales. Automate lead tracking and scoring models to send better qualified leads to sales and convert sales qualified leads into won business opportunities. Act-On enables the creation of multiple score sheets for different audiences, ensuring optimal engagement.

Product Capabilities

For marketing automation that goes way beyond email.
Act-On platform screenshot shows a dashboard with highlighted metrics including bounces, sent emails, and engagement rates

Lead Scoring Models

Develop lead scoring models to understand prospects’ intentions based on demographics, firmographics, and behavior. Utilize lead tracking to analyze prospects’ behaviors and intent signals such as website visits, content views, form-fills, and email opens.

  • Rank prospects
  • Identify marketing qualified leads
  • Maximize conversion rates

Lead Tracking

Understand customer behavior and increase sales opportunities with lead tracking. Deploy multiple scores across segments to identify sales qualified leads and enhance customer loyalty.

  • Understand customer behavior
  • Deploy multiple scores across segments
  • Enhance customer loyalty by lead tracking
an Act-On platform interface screen shows a menu of available content templates
Act-On platform menu screen shows active messages, quick start menu and other functionalities

Multiple Score Sheets

Gain visibility and influence over marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads with Act-On’s multiple score sheets. Develop lead scoring models and tracking strategies that cater to individual buyers’ multiple pathways.

  • Gain visibility and influence over leads
  • Develop personalized lead scoring models
  • Understand buyer purchase decisions

The Act-On Software Team has become an extension of our business. We ranked their marketing automation solution above Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, and HubSpot. Their service has exceeded expectations. We are very happy to work with them!

Jim Lovelady

Moss Inc.

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