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Act-On Data Lake offers smooth data sharing for marketers to better engage target audiences

The Act-On Data Lake allows for seamless data sharing across platforms, helping marketers master targeted audience segmentation with the help of AI and marketing automation.

Customers can now send direct mail offerings through Act-On automated programs and 3rd party vendors (IgnitePost, Sendoso, and

New advanced webhooks technology expands integration portfolio to open up new marketing channels, customer engagement, and communication efficiency for the marketer.

Act-On’s new AI-Powered Advanced Analytics package goes beyond standard marketing reports to provide a powerful and flexible, custom analytics package with Natural Language Processing insights.

Act-On Software and Intel’s AI & Machine Learning Software Portfolio have developed some of the most advanced audience segmentation analytics tools. Leadership at both companies will present the collaborative effort and results at the Intel Innovation Conference in Sept 2023.

Act-On Software is releasing Act-On AI Predictive Lead Score, a feature to help marketers narrow the marketing funnel and hone in on the strongest leads. This is part of Act-On’s ongoing multi-year plan to deliver AI features that enhance marketing effectiveness and drive exponential efficiency for marketers.

Act-On Software, a leading marketing automation platform, is launching AI Create to help marketers generate efficient, compelling email content.