Lead Generation

The Growth Of Your Business Hinges On Your Ability To Attract, Nurture, And Convert Leads. Act-On’s Marketing Automation Gives You Everything Required To Nurture An Unknown Prospect Into A Happy, Loyal Customer.

Supercharge Lead Generation and Eliminate Busy Work

Every new lead has potential, but the task of effectively nurturing that potential isn’t always straightforward. Act-On gives you the tools you need to transform cold prospects into warm leads and eventually into closed deals — helping you drive more sales and revenue and accomplish it all with less effort.

Mobile Marketing

Grow Leads with Multichannel Nurture Programs

Customers travel different paths to purchase yet still demand personalized experiences. Hit the mark, and the payoffs can be large. Act-On’s marketing automation allows you to create behavioral trigger email campaigns to establish awareness, deliver value, and build trust. Easily create everything from a simple email campaign to a complex automated nurture program — and rapidly grow results.

Build Engagement with Powerful Audience Segmentation

Customers want to feel truly known and understood, and the fastest way to accomplish this is with personalized segmentation. Act-On allows you to leverage demographic, behavior, and lead-scoring data to create dynamically segmented lists to send your prospects the best message at the perfect time via the ideal channel. Plus, you can easily identify prospects ready to move forward and those needing extra attention.

Zoom Integration

Drive More Leads with Webinars

Webinars are one of the most valuable ways for B2B marketing teams to attract high-quality prospects. Act-On provides simple and complete integration with leading webinar platforms, including Zoom, GoToWebinar, and Webex. Setup takes only a few minutes, freeing you to focus on what matters most — engaging with attendees.

Measure Outbound Marketing Impact

The quickest way to grow leads is to find what’s already working and do more of it. Act-On’s marketing analytics and reporting tools track and measure your outbound marketing activities to provide full visibility into campaign performance, pipeline momentum, and revenue impact. See how your outreach efforts are performing by audience, channel, geography, and much more — and even visualize your funnel conversions in a single real-time view.

"We’ve seen a two-to-three-times increase in our open rates, especially to the follow-up emails, and we’ve seen a lot more customers starting loan applications."

Marc Wilensky
VP of Communications and Brand Marketing, Tower Federal Credit Union

"The real-time engagement alerts help us evaluate our overall marketing more strategically and even give us critical information as it happens."

John Capuano
Founder/Owner, Lone Beacon (Agency Partner)

"We’ve been able to identify leads that meet specific criteria and automatically send them messages. The result is higher engagement rates than with our previous broader audience lists."

Mary Anne Matos
Marketing Automation Specialist

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