MarTech Stack Integrations

Act-On’s integrations include connectivity with the most powerful CRM systems, the most popular webinar platforms, the most efficient BI tools, and an open API network fueled by Zapier for maximum flexibility and scalability.

MarTech Stack Integrations to Streamline and Accelerate Success

Marketing integrations are at the heart of Act-On’s marketing technology software. Our CRM connectors, Zoom integration, and Zapier network allow you to engage your target audiences like never before while collecting and analyzing critical data in real-time. As you strive to establish and extend valuable relationships, Act-On’s MarTech stack integrations will inform and influence every stage of the customer lifecycle.

CRM Connectors

CRM connectors are essential for managing leads, sales, support, and lifecycle engagement — and can boost sales conversions by 300%. Our CRM connectors include simple and fluid integrations with all major CRM platforms, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk Sell, Oracle NetSuite and SugarCRM — informing your funnel metrics, analyzing customer info, nurturing prospects, and building better customer relationships.

Zapier Integrations

Act-On’s Zapier integrations simplify digital marketing workflows and campaigns for greater efficiency and better outcomes. These Zapier integrations allow you to seamlessly integrate your sales and marketing applications into one platform — making it easy to uncover critical buyer and customer insights, streamline marketing and sales programs, and win more business.

Zapier Integrations

Webinar Integrations

With Act-On’s webinar integrations (including our new Zoom integration), you can boost your MarTech stack by creating holistic webinar workflows, collecting and sharing critical data, and managing the entire webinar experience. As mentioned, our platform includes a powerful Zoom integration, as well as seamless integrations with GoToWebinar and WebEx, for truly comprehensive webinar management.

Zoom Integration

Business Intelligence Solutions

Gain additional analysis and presentation powers by exporting your Act-On data in your preferred business intelligent solutions. Whether you’re using Amazon S3, Google Drive, Power BI, or Microsoft Azure, your raw data in Act-On is yours to export, integrate, and analyze — as needed. With these strong marketing technology solutions and integrations, Act-On will become the foundational element of your MarTech stack.

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