How Avery Dennison Uses Act-On to Unify Marketing Efforts Across Divisions

Avery Dennison reduced software costs by 37% and tripled email open rates after enhancing its Act-On implementation recently. Read on to find out how.
Avery Dennison and Act-On
James Moat

Director of Global Digital Corporate Communications


About the Client

Avery Dennison is a global leader in adhesive technologies and labeling solutions, and their presence in modern life is ubiquitous. Their products are used in everything from clothing and wine bottles, to cars, road signs, and buildings. The company’s annual revenue tops $8.4 billion.


Avery Dennison has been using Act-On for a while now, but with product teams working in silos across nearly 50 offices worldwide, the company wasn’t leveraging the platform effectively.

What’s more, the breadth of Avery Dennison’s products presented tactical challenges. From different target audiences to vastly different buying cycles, the sheer variety involved complicated the company’s marketing efforts.


Centralizing technology is a daunting task, particularly for an enterprise organization like Avery Dennison that has more than 25,000 employees and nearly 50 global websites. But this worldwide manufacturing company knew that unifying its approach to digital marketing would unleash Act-On’s full potential, and save the company time and money.

The first step toward a solution was to consolidate the disparate instances of Act-On into a parent account that gave the Avery Dennison corporate team full control over the platform. Child accounts then allowed each business unit to run its own campaigns. This reduced both the cost of the license and the time and personnel required to manage it. It also gave individual groups visibility into the work of their colleagues, while allowing the corporate team to monitor and enforce the Avery Dennison brand.

Each business unit was managing their own Act-On license, and no one had visibility into another group’s campaigns.

James Moat, Director of Global Digital Corporate Communications, Avery Dennison

Act-On’s reports gave us valuable insight into buyer activity, and its lead scoring and integration with Salesforce enabled us to track and nurture prospects until they were hot enough to hand to sales.

James Moat

Director of Global Digital Corporate Communications


Avery Dennison received enormous benefits from consolidating their Act-On licenses. “In the first phase, we reduced our costs by 37%,” James said. “And having our corporate team manage the license has freed the business units to focus more on marketing and communications, which is what they do best.” 

Finding new ways to leverage Act-On’s functionality has also delivered big wins. “Act-On’s automated programs have tripled our email open rates, saved us countless hours of labor, and generated so many well-nurtured leads our biggest concern is putting enough staff in place to follow up with them.” James said. “And optimizing our campaigns and regularly sharing best practices have elevated everyone’s work.” 

All these successes are rooted in the most far-reaching gain – a relationship with Act-On that Avery Dennison considers vital to his company’s success.

Act-On is a true partner. Their support is amazing, and their team provides feedback and insight that helps us meet our challenges. They’re part of the Avery Dennison family, and just as committed to reaching our goals as we are.

James Moat

Director of Global Digital Corporate Communications