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Pulpo Media Generates High-Quality Inbound Leads with Act-On

Industry: Advertising
  • Generating 10 high-quality inbound leads, week-over-week
  • Inbound leads turn into closed deals that range from $120K to $150K
  • Act-On streamlines marketing operations and increases efficiency

The Challenge

Pulpo (an Entravision Communications Company) helps advertisers and brands reach Hispanic consumers in the U.S. With over 41M unique Hispanics monthly, Pulpo has the largest US Hispanic audience reach (comScore 2018). With Pulpo’s proprietary first party data, and acculturation models, brands are able to reach Hispanics, at scale across cultural levels, language of preference, generations, and a plethora of behavioral traits.

Oscar Padilla is the Executive Vice President of Client Services and Ad operations at Pulpo. He oversees the client services teams in the United States and Argentina, which includes sales planning, advertising operations, and marketing. Oscar’s small marketing team is responsible for all lead generation, making efficiency a top priority. Inbound leads came in sporadically and when they did, there was little information about the person who requested the service. Another issue that faced this team was the complexity of the tools used for marketing. Pulpo had separate tools for each marketing funnel activity; managing emails, customizing landing pages, creating forms, and managing contacts; in turn, different individual became highly specialized in different aspect of these tools. This meant if one person left the team, it would create a huge knowledge gap. This siloed approach to marketing production was proving to be inefficient and costly.

The Solution

Oscar realized there was a clear need to have a comprehensive tool to manage both the website and email, and that could also provide more insight into their website visitors. Oscar put together a team of three to begin evaluating marketing automation tools. The team evaluated Marketo, Pardot, and Act-On, using a full matrix analysis that included factors such as ease-of-use, learning curve, onboarding, support, time to value, and cost. “When comparing the different tools, Act-On kept bubbling to the top,” Oscard said. The team decided to go with Act-On because of its ease-of-use and active-contact pricing.

“We had feature requests early in our relationship and Act-On’s support team built workarounds for us, even though it was coming in the next release.”


EVP of Client Services and Ad Ops

Oscar’s team made a few feature requests for the landing page creation tool at the beginning of the engagement. Oscar was impressed with how quickly Act-On’s engineering team addressed their feature requests and that the requests were part of the next product release. This unparalleled support confirmed Oscar’s decision to implement Act-On. “We were up and running in 30 days and received great training and support,” Oscar shared. Act-On University in particular made it easy to get everyone onboard with the tool at their own pace.

Pulpo uses Act-On for website visitor tracking, landing pages and form design, as well as email communications. Act-On has helped Oscar’s team get more detailed information and requests from potential advertisers. “I am surprised by the amount of detail we have about prospects. By the time we make the call, it’s easy because we know exactly what they want,” Oscar said.

“We have closed a number of deals that have been generated from Act-On, and those deals are in the $120,000-$150,000 range.”


EVP of Client Services and Ad Ops

The Result

Prior to adopting Act-On, site leads didn’t really exist. It was mostly a sporadic effort. Implementing Act-On created a reliable, consistent flow of inbound leads and RFP requests. Pulpo had an ad hoc form with very low volume. On average, Pulpo now receives 10-12 high-quality inbound leads per week from the website. Act-On forms for lead requests provide the team at Pulpo with detailed information about the potential customer. Recently, these inbound leads have turned into closed deals ranging from $120K-$150K.

Oscar’s team started seeing results in the first quarter both in lead generation and the team’s efficiency. Now, all of Oscar’s team is able to create landing pages, send emails, and get insight into website visitors. No longer is that information siloed between team members. With one tool to manage both the website and email, his team is able to focus on lead generation. Act-On also provides Oscar with a dashboard to monitor inbound and outbound activity. This reporting functionality has made it easy for him to get insight into the effectiveness and activity of his team.

Oscar is excited to expand the use Act-On for more content marketing. “Today, we’re using maybe 30% of what we can with Act-On and it is working extremely well. We have the tool now, we need the back-end muscle and knowledge to take advantage of this tool to engage customers deeper,” Oscar said.

About Pulpo Media

Pulpo Media (an Entravision Communications Company) is a media solutions provider. Pulpo helps advertisers and brands reach Hispanics consumers in the U.S. With over 41M unique Hispanics monthly, Pulpo has the largest US Hispanic audience reach.