TPC Training offers a complete workforce management portfolio of innovative industrial and safety skills training methods combined with environmental, health, and safety software. We provide online, live instructor-led, onsite, and innovative on-the-job simulations to fit every need and budget.

Since enabling Act-On as their growth marketing platform, however, they’ve been able to produce effective automated programs to nurture new and existing prospects. 

This has optimized their funnel, improved their messaging and deliverability, and empowered them to deliver educational campaigns that provide real value for their clients (and great ROI for TPC). 

Act-On lets us promote more than 2,000 live instructor-led courses in over 100 cities across the United States and target our customers based on unique characteristics.

Evan McKenzie

TPC Training, Marketing Manager


By using Act-On and integrating the platform with their CRM to segment prospects and customers, TPC delivers targeted and personalized digital communications. In addition, they’ve significantly reduced time-consuming manual efforts by 16 hours each month, which saves them nearly $10,000 annually.

Pain Points

Based on their success today, you’d never guess that TPC’s marketing pros ever struggled to reach, engage, and nurture their target audiences, but they were facing some serious challenges just a few short years ago. Marketing a variety of online educational courses to multiple personas meant that providing timely and personalized campaigns and qualifying leads for sales was mission-critical. 

Evan Mackenzie (TPC Training Marketing Manager) put it this way, “We market to students who will attend our training sessions as well as management for the companies that are approving and paying for our products. Since the approval process can take 1-2 months, we need to keep in mind that it might take a while for recipients to interact with our messaging.” 

Act-On gives us all the data intelligence we need to execute on our lead generation strategy without feeling the absence of a CRM platform.

Evan McKenzie

TPC Training, Marketing Manager

Evan McKenzie

TPC Training, Marketing Manager


TPC quickly realized they needed a sophisticated growth marketing platform that would allow them to efficiently scale their email campaigns, align their digital marketing with direct mail marketing efforts, and improve their ability to serve up relevant course information to a broad range of customers. On top of all this, TPC’s marketing team needed a platform that allowed them to easily track and report key performance metrics and demonstrate ROI to key stakeholders across the organization.

With a clear vision and goal in mind, Evan McKenzie (TPC’s Marketing Manager) embarked on the search for an affordable, effective, and easy-to-use solution that would allow the company to scale its marketing without exhausting or adding resources. Despite his previous experience with Marketo, Act-On’s Active Contact pricing model (which only charges for the active contacts within an organization’s database) was especially appealing to Evan. “Act-On’s active contact pricing made it so much easier for us to step into the marketing automation space by allowing us to prove the value of marketing automation with a smaller investment up front.” 

In addition, Act-On’s simple and powerful Salesforce CRM integration made it a more appealing choice for TPC Training’s marketing and sales teams. Evan notes that having a strong and streamlined integration between sales and marketing platforms has helped align those two departments and allowed TPC Training to eliminate their email service provider (ESP) in favor of a more robust solution. Combined, Act-On’s pricing model and native integration with Salesforce CRM was enough to convince the CEO to move forward with the growth marketing platform.


With their new growth automation platform firmly in place, TPC now had everything they needed to grow and enhance their marketing efforts while saving time and resources. They began by focusing their efforts on delivering more targeted, cohesive, and timely communications to their customers. Using Act-On’s advanced segmentation to group their audiences by student or decision-maker, location, industry, interests, as well as content and email engagement, TPC promoted the most relevant training courses to the right targets with the most appropriate messaging at the right time. And, they were able to easily coordinate digital communications with their direct mail campaigns for an effective one-two punch 

In addition to integrating their CRM with Act-On and effectively using advanced segmentation, TPC leveraged Act-On’s email templates to build beautiful and easy-to-update on-brand emails and landing pages that specifically matched each target industry. They continue to deliver these emails through sophisticated automated programs built with conditional logic and dynamic content. These digital communications are personalized to recipients based on the information they’ve collected (i.e., industry, location, and digital engagement) through the use of Act-On landing pages and forms. These targeted email campaigns are automatically updated on a weekly/bi-weekly basis to showcase up to 12 upcoming classes near the person’s location.

As a result of these efforts, TPC Training has achieved a 10X increase in revenue within the first two years of implementing Act-On. And since they’re able to automate otherwise tedious tasks and focus their efforts on delivering more targeted, cohesive, and timely communications to prospects and customers, TPC’s marketing team is saving an average of 16 hours of manual labor each month!


TPC Training is leveraging Act-On growth’s marketing platform to deliver targeted campaigns and achieve phenomenal results. In addition, they’re now equipped to deliver thousands of timely online courses to numerous audiences with personalized messaging. And by tracking these engagements, they’re able to qualify their hottest leads and pass them to the sales team.

As a result of implementing and integrating Act-On with Salesforce CRM, TPC Training has enjoyed a massive 10x increase in revenue. And by automating their email programs and templatizing their emails across multiple brands, they’ve reduced their manual time consumption by 16 hours each month, which translates to $10,000 in savings annually. Now that they’ve optimized their funnel and aligned their digital strategy with their program execution, the marketing team at TPC Training are looking forward to continuing to get even more out of Act-On in the years to come. Said Evan, “I like that we can remain relevant to our customers by expanding our use of Act-On as we work on new initiatives and our marketing needs grow.”