PeopleHR Experiences Highest Revenues Yet With Act-On


Smashes Sales Goals & Saves Big With Marketing Automation

READING, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwired – Feb 10, 2015) – Act-On Software, the leading provider of marketing automation for small and mid-sized businesses, today announced that PeopleHR, a UK-based software company specialising in cloud solutions for human resources (HR) professionals, has adopted Act-On to streamline its lead management process. By leveraging Act-On to nurture cold leads with automated drip campaigns, the company realised enough of an ROI in just four weeks to make back what they’d spend on the platform in a year.

When PeopleHR first came to Act-On, its main challenge was managing and qualifying the high volume of inbound leads it generated through PPC, AdWords, and SEM programmes. Every lead these channels produced went straight to sales, but sales representatives couldn’t always call on these potential customers in a timely manner. Over time, this led to thousands of pounds in missed opportunities — over £59,000 worth.

Act-On quickly proved the answer to PeopleHR’s problem, providing a system to organise, track, and nurture leads. The effects of marketing automation were instant: by scoring leads based on their engagement and deploying nurture campaigns according to the types and quantity of web pages they visited, PeopleHR could revisit conversations with prospects that had fallen by the wayside — reviving old deals and improving conversions dramatically.

“We no longer think that all leads are equal, and that every lead is sales-ready,” says Sat Sindhar, Managing Director of PeopleHR. “We realised some leads want information more relevant for earlier stages in the sales cycle, which is very different from what a sales person provides them with.”

This shift in focus has not been without benefits — by scoring leads and serving content through the Act-On marketing automation platform, PeopleHR has experienced three straight months of its highest revenues yet.

With Act-On, PeopleHR now understands the digital body language of its prospects and can map the profiles and activities of key buyers to relevant content. This not only helps to increase conversion rates, but also furthers the conversation along so that when sales calls on a prospect, they are already educated on the solution offering.

Concludes Sat, “The sales team has gone from seeing Act-On as something that’s just for marketing to it being an invaluable tool they can use. They understand that Act-On is going to generate sales-ready leads for them. That’s a real success story for us.”

Read the full case study to learn how PeopleHR went from lead overload to record-breaking revenue with Act-On Marketing Automation.

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