Act-On Makes Two Predictions That Will Drive Marketing Effectiveness in 2018

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Aligns the Release of Latest Marketing Automation Features to Support Tomorrow’s Marketer


PORTLAND, OR – December 11, 2017 – Act-On Software, the leading provider of adaptive marketing automation for fast-growing businesses, today shared its 2018 marketing predictions that will shape and influence the role of marketing in the new year. The predictions include: individualization becomes the new personalization and GDPR to have the biggest fundamental impact on marketing in a decade. In an effort to make multi-channel marketing more manageable and effective, Act-On has built new features into its product to support the future of engagement, including the availability of Adaptive Forms™, Local Sending, and Transactional Sending.

With machine learning making its way into marketing automation, individualization becomes the new personalization. With the evolution of these two technologies, the message, the timing, and delivery channel will all be personalized tactics, which will create a demand for individualized marketing experiences. Marketers will be able to take personalization to the next level by using marketing automation to track the behaviors of their buyers and machine learning to identify optimal windows to engage each individual customer or buyer.

With the latest release of Adaptive Forms, which is part of Act-On’s larger vision for Adaptive Journeys™, marketers have the flexibility to create surveys and forms that can be individualized and adapt to their buyer; progressive profiling helps to gather more and better lead intelligence over time and increase conversions, responsive design ensures that all forms are optimized for device viewing preferences (mobile/desktop/tablet) automatically, and adaptive fields make it simple for marketers to build conditional rules that can show or hide questions based on previous response or activity.

With the availability of Transactional Sending, Act-On customers can now leverage operational based email capabilities to further drive individualized engagement. For example, specific financial communications like shareholder reports or financial statements need to go to all necessary contacts, regardless of opt-out preferences, because of auditing requirements. Similarly, system updates, purchase confirmations or cart abandonment follow up are all additional examples of communications that need to have as close to 100 percent deliverability as possible. These messages are all individualized, operational in nature, and ultimately can have a huge impact on customer satisfaction. Using Transactional Sending, marketers can ensure these communications make it to every customer’s inbox.

GDPR is set to have one of the biggest impacts on how companies go to market since the invention of the cloud, which goes into effect on May 25, 2018. The new regulations tied to GDPR will likely lead many European organizations to store and transfer data in countries within the European Economic Area only, as a way to safeguard data protection standards. Act-On’s new Local Sending module will support these updated data residency processes and protocols companies will being putting in place as part of their GDPR efforts, ensuring that all customer data is stored and communications sent from Act-On’s AWS-powered servers that reside in Ireland. Act-On is building into its product functionality to support its customers needs in the new world of marketing under GDPR, and taking the steps to ensure that its users have access to the tools they need to market safely and securely amidst the new regulations.

“As marketers, we are constantly looking for ways to improve on what we’ve done, new methods to optimize what we are already doing, and opportunities to be more effective and efficient in our work,” said Michelle Huff, CMO of Act-On Software. “At Act-On, we are marketers building technology for other marketers, so we experience the same challenges as our customers, which means we can build and solve for those pains a lot quicker and bring to market modules that will drastically improve the way they engage and communicate with their buyers.”

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