Spinnaker Optimizes Prospect & Client Engagement With Act-On


Sees $100,000 in Pipeline Opportunity in Just 16 Weeks

BEAVERTON, OR–(Marketwired – Dec 10, 2015) – Act-On Software, the leading provider of marketing automation for small and mid-sized businesses, today announced that the Spinnaker Management Group, a supply chain services company specializing in strategy and process management, has adopted Act-On Marketing Automation to do advanced segmentation and drip nurturing across its global client base. Since implementing Act-On, Spinnaker has seen a 250 percent lift in conversions and $100,000 in qualified opportunities.

With their industry in the midst of a transition from supply-driven to demand-driven, Spinnaker’s marketing team turned to online content to educate its buyers on the benefits of this new marketplace and illustrate how its own services can help businesses with this operational transition.

Spinnaker had a large database of current, former and prospective clients, but didn’t have an effective way to engage with them on a regular basis. Without a marketing automation system in place, Spinnaker had no way of measuring buyer interest and content consumption.

“Over the years we’d acquired many names and email addresses, but we didn’t know if they were buyers, decision makers or influencers because we’d never profiled them,” said Paul Adamson, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Spinnaker.

With SugarCRM already in place, Spinnaker adopted Act-On because of its tight integration with the system. The effects were immediate. Act-On connected to Sugar gives Spinnaker’s marketing team access to the broad-based, cross-vertical campaign performance data they needed to increase open rates, maximize click-throughs, and improve conversion rates.

“Within a short time, we were able to identify a marketing related project,” said Adamson. “Now, we can see that a prospect performed a Google search, visited our website, reviewed collateral in our resource library, requested more information, and inquired about their specific needs – and with each activity we see their lead score increase.”

Using buyer behavior and other data collected in the database, Spinnaker’s marketing team can now nurture its leads accordingly, and move the conversation forward with the right content at the right pace. When a prospect’s lead score rises, this information is then pushed into Sugar where the respective sales person follows up.

As a result of Act-On’s ease of use, Spinnaker can now create and execute a higher volume of campaigns weekly, as well as strategically nurture its various buyer types across its core service categories. In just 16 weeks of using Act-On, Spinnaker generated $100,000 in qualified pipeline opportunity.

Concludes Adamson, “Act-On allows us to look at the performance of our campaigns and use that data to optimize both the delivery and content of our messages. It’s a continuous improvement model that delivers the best possible outcome.”

Learn more about Spinnaker’s use of Act-On here.

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