On its Third Attempt, Touchtown Finally Gets Marketing Automation Right with Act-On


Turns to Act-On Marketing Automation for Ease-of-Use and
Time-to-Value After Competing Solutions Fall Short


PORTLAND, OR –  April 24, 2017 – Act-On Software, the leading provider of adaptive marketing automation for fast-growing businesses, today announced that Touchtown, a company specializing in resident engagement solutions for retirement homes and senior living communities, has adopted Act-On to power its marketing communications strategy, for more personalized interactions with buyers throughout the customer lifecycle. The move marks Touchtown’s third foray overall into marketing automation, and by far its most successful; since implementing Act-On, the company has closed more deals, retained more customers, and gained a lifelong partner in business success.

Touchtown has been in the business of building relationships for over 18 years, helping more than 1,200 senior living communities nationwide better engage residents in their lives through technology – innovative apps and solutions that increase their engagement, enhance their general quality of life, and build census and help with employee retention. The company works hard to make a difference in its clients’ lives, and recognized back in 2014 that the right marketing automation tool could aid in this mission, bringing more rigor and personalization to Touchtown’s outreach. But finding the right system took trial, error, and time.

Touchtown’s first choice of marketing automation vendor felt obvious – the company already used Salesforce CRM. But there were significant limitations in usability. Emails and landing pages didn’t come out as planned; layouts would break, and they weren’t receiving any solutions. “Our goal is to create meaningful exchanges with our buyers so they can enrich the lives of the 250,000 residents they serve,” says Mike Rethage, Touchtown’s VP of Customer Success. “This vendor made that difficult.”

Touchtown then migrated from the original system to a competitor, believing that both its integration with Salesforce and its analytics were strong. But they were questioning the investment in just a few short months. “Marketing activity was reported that never happened,” Mike remembers. “This was a serious problem, because our sales team focuses on digital body language when engaging with prospects. The data had to be reliable.”

That’s when Act-On entered the picture, providing Mike not just the intuitive, streamlined solution he was looking for, but the service and support he needed to get maximum value out of his investment.

Within a month, the Touchtown team was using Act-On to create, manage, and report across all marketing programs. Adaptive Forms™ with auto-populated fields helped optimize the company’s conversions for webinars, tradeshows, and on-demand demo, giving prospects the ability to instantly register for, or request demos, without completing a full form. Act-On’s drag-and-drop functionalities for email and landing page design made it easy for Touchtown to add photos of its sales and support reps, for a warmer, more personal touch. And Act-On’s tight integration with Salesforce provided the company a clearer, more accessible picture of its sales funnel and the marketing activities impacting revenue.

The benefits were immediate. Demo requests soared because of Adaptive Forms, resulting in more qualified leads; 80 percent went on to engage with sales and move further down the funnel. The company’s sales and marketing teams have become more aligned through the Act-On and Salesforce integration, finally leveraging a shared workspace to more effectively qualify, nurture, and convert leads. Overall funnel visibility improved as well: through Act-On’s analytics, Touchtown learned that 50 percent of leads that requested demos converted to paying customers. Best of all, Touchtown was able to better engage and delight its buyers past the point of sale, using Act-On to educate customers on its products and secure and maintain a 99.5 percent retention rate – a crucial advantage, given that senior living has a 42% turnover rate.

Act-On has not only transformed Touchtown’s business through its technology offering, but also through its white-glove support, and emphasis on relationship building. “Act-On’s training and support is exceptional, and everyone we’ve worked with has put our needs first,” concludes Mike. “I know Act-On is committed to our success.”

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