Email Marketing

Act-On Gives You The Tools Required To Deliver The Right Emails To The Right People At The Right Time. Build And Deliver Triggered, Lifecycle, And Fully Automated Campaigns — Creating A Level Of Personalization That Fuels Business Growth.

Create Compelling, Personalized Messages That Engage

Do you want to break through the noise and capture more attention? Act-On gives you an easy-to-use build-and-test function, allowing you to personalize messages in a way that grabs and keeps attention. Plus, you can tap into behavioral data that gives you visibility into peak engagement windows on an individual subscriber level to optimize email marketing campaigns and results.

Simple, Personalized Templates

Marketing teams are constantly challenged with how to do more with less. Act-On helps you navigate this problem with easy template creation and hyperfocused personalization. Personalize email templates with dynamic content, customize communication cadence based on individual user activity, and more to create more engaging and meaningful experiences.

Triggered API & Reporting Insights

Act-On gives you the tools required to get more of your emails delivered. We integrate with an external application to trigger and send emails that leverage your customized brand template. You can tap into centralized reports to understand transactional versus marketing email performance, iterate, and improve deliverability — without skipping a beat in the compliance department.

Personalized Email Delivery Insights

Not sure of the best time to send an email? Don’t guess; instead, know with historical insights drilled down to the individual level. Adaptive Sending analyzes and learns every contact’s behavior to understand when they are most likely to open and engage with your emails. It uses historical data to deliver emails at the best possible time, helping boost your results.

Achieve Higher Deliverability Rates

Get more from your email marketing efforts by ensuring your sending reputation, inboxing, and engagement are as strong as possible. Act-On’s deliverability experts can help you with everything from a one-time consultation to ongoing partnerships to achieve higher email delivery rates. We can also help ensure that you’re CAN-SPAM, CCPA, and GDPR compliant.

Don’t Guess —A/B Test

Act-On not only makes the A/B testing process a breeze — allowing you to test practically any variable on everything from emails to landing pages to your website — but also allows you to put the insights you gather into action easily. Plus, Act-On provides the tools you need to build email nurture campaigns and landing pages easily, score leads, segment your audience, and more.

"The Act-On platform has enabled us to supercharge our digital marketing and allows for easy syndication of content and workflows both centrally to multiple country users but also vice versa, saving us all time and allowing for consistency of brand assets, it’s played a vital role in growing our lead generation capabilities, and we continue to look at ways we can leverage its power."

Adrienne Topping
Head of Marketing Communications at Sharp

"Act-On not only helps us to execute personalized campaigns quickly and effectively, but ensures the vast majority of our communications land in functioning email boxes."

Matt Neal
Director of Digital Media at Insurance Agency Marketing Services

"Automation has made our marketing efforts timely, which in turn has provided open rates well above what we had seen before. Our new member welcome email, for example, has an open rate of 77%."

Amanda Hullinger
Marketing Supervisor, Georgia United Credit Union

"Act-On allows us to build automated programs that power our entire outbound efforts. The Automated Journey Builder, in particular, helps us map our content and then visualize and facilitate our customer journeys from start to finish. It’s actually the main selling point of our new product — totally automated renewals."

Lydia Ku
Senior Marketing Manager at RATESDOTCA

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