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Email Marketing

Email remains a marketer’s most valuable tool. To ensure delivery and engagement, our email marketing and segmentation tools help you analyze open, click, and conversion rates to optimize campaigns and celebrate your success.

Content Templates

Think crafting effective messaging is tough? Not with our easy-to-use email, landing page, and web form templates. Easily adaptable and ready to use, our free templates include everything from a simple drag-and-drop interface to advanced HTML editing tools to help you create or integrate your own dazzling content. And with A/B testing, you can quickly determine which assets and messaging are the most effective — ensuring great results and continuous improvement.

Social Media Messaging

Social media is essential. It’s where your customers live, work, and play. To support your brand’s most accessible touchpoint, our messaging tools encourage audience engagement through likes, views, clicks, comments, shares, and more!

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails allow you to share vital information with contacts and customers without delay — regardless of promotional opt-out. Whether it’s an account creation alert, password reset, purchase receipt, or other notification, transactional and event-triggered emailing allow you to directly and automatically contact individual customers.

SMS (coming soon!)

Give your customers an exceptional messaging experience in the palm of their hand — and do it fast. Our SMS automation allows you to open new channels for customer outreach and engagement, keeping your audience in the loop while encouraging new product and service adoption. Plus, monitor and improve performance by reviewing key performance metric reports in Act-On!

Account-Based Marketing

Powerful and proven, Act-On’s Account-Based Marketing module gives you an invaluable tool for nurturing customer relationships with key accounts to drive targeted, efficient engagement and interactions. Identify ideal accounts to target with new marketing and sales initiatives, promotional upsell opportunities, and personalized messaging that resonates.


Your brand has opinions. You understand your industry and your customers, and you’re eager to make your voice heard! Our RSS-to-Email tool automatically distributes your newest blog posts to those who care the most — keeping audiences informed, positioning your organization as a thought leader, and encouraging customer loyalty.

Act-On has helped us personalize and expand our messaging, while also reducing costs.

David Kinard, AVP of Marketing and Communications (Physicians Insurance)

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